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From Part I:

Fixed fields: 007 is mandatory (SRA: "The 007 fields are used in matching algorithms on the utilities and for refining keyword searches in Voyager") Follow MARC guidelines to enter values in subfields. Typcial DVD would be:


007   v b d d c e v f a g i h z i s  
300   1 videodisk (xx min.) : b sd., col. ; c 4 3/4 in.  
538   DVD; stereo sound.  


In 300 field, use "DVD" rather than AACR2's suggested "DVD-video." ... All DVDs are recorded in 300 $c as 4 3/4 in. (width of the disc).

SML/CCL Procedures, e.g., "The item type for stand-alone DVDs should be media ... if accompanying a serial, apply the same item type as the serial (jour01, jour02, etc) and enter the item type format code (DVD) in the CHRON field"

Call numbers e.g.: "This represents a modification of LC schedule since LC does not classifiy fiction films. Since the numbers are not consistent with the LC schedules, do not create 050 _4 for videos, but use 1st indicator 0 in 852 so numbers sort with real LC class numbers."

[2] AACR2r with 2004 amendments. 7.5B1 allows the option to use a term in common usage to record the specific format of the physical carrier, and gives as an example: "1 DVD-video." Since LC uses AMIM rather than AACR2, there is no LCRI and no de facto national policy on whether to use the option. Therefore, it is possible that as more libraries elect to apply the option, the ambiguity referred to will be less frequent.

For 866 vol. holdings:

Optionally, accompanying material may be recorded if considered to be important. Accompanying material is considered to be a "secondary bibliographic unit" and is recorded in the 866 holdings statement according to the scheme: <primary bibliographic unit> + <secondary bibliographic unit>.


866 4 1 $8 0 $a videodisc 1-videodisc 4


Title Voyager Bib number Date cataloged Notes
Shalom Sesame 7148958 7/26/06 (JAD) 1 DVD SML,JUD PN1992.8.C46 S535 2005 DVD
Gashash ha-hiver 7645860 8/3/06 (DSL) 6 (out of 10) DVDs PN6222.I8 G37 2006 DVD

Exerpt from Video (Videocasette and DVD) Original Cataloging Checklist Part I:

Television episodes.

Per LCRI 25.5B, Appendix 1. Television Programs (including video and film formats) (see 130 above), the name of the television series is entered in 245 $a and the episode should be entered as a dependent title using $n $p.

Generally accept cataloging copy that follows the alternative practice [4] . One possible exception might be if a number of separate episodes following different practices were being cataloged at the same time; in that case it would be better to follow one or the other practice for all episodes.


The RI requires that television episodes meant to be viewed consecutively (as in the following example) must include a $n subfield (numeric designation).

Note that $h follows $p.

"Giving 246 title access or not [to the $p title] is based on the character of the individual title and a judgment of the usefulness of title access in that form."--RI.

245 0 4 $a The Civil War. $n Episode 1, $p 1861--the cause $h [videorecording] / $c a Florentine Films production ; produced in association with WETA-TV ; executive producer, Ken Burns ; produced by Ken Burns and Ric Burns ; a film by Ken Burns ; written by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ric Burns with Ken Burns.
246 3 0 $a 1861--the cause

In the absence of a numeric designation on the resource, a $n subfield should be supplied in the form [yyyy-mm-dd].

If the television episode does not have to be viewed as part of a consecutive sequence, generally leave out the numeric designation when an episode title is available. Unlike serials, a 130 is not made solely to remove the initial article in $p. Note use of 246 to provide access to the title/episode number combination in cases where the RI instruction is to leave out the numeric designation in the title proper.

245 0 0 $a Tanner '88. $p The night of the Twinkies ...
246 3 0 $a Night of the Twinkies
246 3 . $a Tanner '88. $n Volume 1

News-show episodes do not fall into the consecutive sequence category unless there is some explicit indication of "consecutiveness" (e.g. Nightline. Conversations with Secretary of State Colin Powell, part one.)

245 0 0 $a Nightline. p Another budget showdown h [videorecording] / c ABC News.
246 3 0 $a Another budget showdown

In the absence of an individual title, use a numeric designation:

245 0 0 $a America 2night.$n Episode no. 233 ...
246 3 . $a America tonight. $n Episode no. 233

In the absence of an episode title or a numeric designation on the resource, a $n subfield should be supplied in the form [yyyy-mm-dd].

245 0 0 $a Meet the press. $n [1985-10-06] $h [videorecording] / $c a public affairs presentation of NBC News ; producer, Betty Cole Dukert ; directed by Chuck Tyler.

The 130 is assigned only if the television series title needs to be qualified.

130 0 . $a Nova (Television program). $p Case of the frozen addict.
245 1 4 $a Nova. $p The case of the frozen addict $h [videorecording] / $c WGBH.
246 3 0 $a Case of the frozen addict

Keep in mind that for a multipart set treated as classed-together (analyzed), the analytics would get a $n subfield only if the parts of the set were intended to be viewed consecutively. A 5 part c-t analyzed set for the history of Islamic civilization would require $n in the 245 for the analytics; a multipart "Shakespeare's plays on video" would not get a $n in the 245 for the analytics. Note that in the analytic records of a classed-together analyzed set, the collective title for the multipart would not be recorded in the series position (4xx) .

Television Program Compilations

All programs in a particular season. Use "Season" as the standard term (item may have "year 1," "season one," "first season," "vol. 1," "first year," etc.).

130 0 . $a Sex and the city (Television program). $n Season 5.
245 1 0 $a Sex and the city. $n The complete fifth season $h [videorecording] ...

The procedure is not applied to a complete series telecast over a short period of time. The following was cancelled after one season:

130 0 . $a Job (Television program)
245 1 4 $a The job. $n The complete series $h [videorecording] ...

For selections from a particular season, use ... $n Season <no.>. $k Selections .

130 0 . $a Sex and the city (Television program). $n Season 5. $k Selections.
245 1 0 $a Sex and the city. $n The complete fifth season. $n Episode 3 $h [videorecording] ...

For selections from 2 or more seasons (including "best ofs" covering at least 2 seasons), qualify with $k Selections only.

130 0 . $a Sex and the city (Television program). $k Selections.
245 1 4 $a The best of Sex and the city $h [videorecording] ...

Feature Films

H 2230 Visual Materials and Non-Music Sound Recordings:

4. Special types of visual materials.

a. Fiction films. Assign the following headings, as appropriate, to individual fiction films:

Note that the first and/or the second headings are assigned only as appropriate for the particular film being cataloged, but that the third heading is required for all fiction films. When assigning more than one of these headings to a particular film, assign them in the order listed above.

Relator Terms

Per MARC Bibliographic X00: Subfield $e contains a designation of function that describes the relationship between a name and a work, e.g., ed., comp., ill., tr., collector, joint author. See List of MARC relator terms.

700 1# $a Smith, Elsie, $d 1900-1945, $e ill.    
700 1# $a Hecht, Ben, $d 1893-1964, $e writing, $e direction, $e production.    

Relator codes, which also specify the relationship of a person to a work, are contained in subfield $4 .

Call Numbers

(see Call Numbers for Videos (Videocassettes, DVD, etc.) and Related Works (Screenplays, Criticism & Interpretation)

For videos of fiction films released from 2001- use PN1997.2 . Since the numbers are not consistent with the LC schedules, do not create 050 _4 for videos, but use 1st indicator 0 in 852 so numbers sort with real LC class numbers.


852 0 0 b <location> h PN1997.2 i .<cutter to title of film> <date> <format>

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