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Casual Employment Hiring Process (Reformatted and annotated version of LHR document)

1. The Supervisor initiates the request for a casual candidate by forwarding the job description (listing essential functions of the position) and completing the requisition form , which can be linked to online.

2. The Supervisor must get approval from the department head, and the department head must forward the request to the appropriate AUL who then forwards all documents with approval to the HR Coordinator.

3. The Human Resources Coordinator reviews description, and assigns level and rate.

4. The Human Resources Coordinator will check to determine whether there are layoff candidates in the Interim Employment Pool (IEP) (see Local 34 Contract article XVII 4f). Qualified candidates in the IEP will be referred to departments. Note: IEP candidates are considered Yale Employees and for causal/temporary positions reference checks are not permitted.

5. Departments hiring an IEP employee for a casual assignment do pay fringe on the actual monies they pay the employee.

6. If there are no candidates from the IEP, the Human Resource Coordinator will review the file of available candidates who will have been through a screening interview. Qualified applicants will then be referred to the hiring supervisor for an interview.

7. Human Resources will set up interviews between the candidates and supervisors for each casual position.

8. The Supervisor interviews candidate(s) and then checks references.

9. The Supervisor makes a selection and then forwards a Casual PAF via e-mail to (436-0393). The organization name, start date, and PTEAO number must be accurate for the employee to be paid.

10. The Human Resources Coordinator will then contact the candidate and offer the position, provide start date, rate of pay, and end date. Other pertinent information will be provided at this time. The candidate will be instructed to bring in their I-9 information and tax forms prior to their start of work.

11. The Human Resource Coordinator will notify the supervisor of the candidate's acceptance.

12. Forms are sent to Library Business Office.


Supervisor must send a Terminating PAF to LHR


* Non-Yale students cannot be placed in a student position.

* Casual/Temporary employees are paid at the C&T rate, not the student rate.

* Supervisors must adhere to the casual/temporary language that is outlined in the Local 34 Contract (article XVIII). [Note that casuals may not work more than 20 weeks in a single year].

* A student is determined as: matriculating at Yale in a program and designated in Oracle and Banner as a student.

Per Staff Requisition, should visit hronline website before completing form

Also, note at bottom of requisition:

A. Briefly state the general purpose of the position. This is a synopsis of why the position exists, and should only be one or two sentences long.
(See examples -

B. List the essential duties (major responsibilities) in order of importance. Each duty should define what is done (the action), how it is done (method and means) and why it is done (end result).
(See examples -

Check generic job descriptions for help on grade-appropriate language. Catalog Assistant II (963) is Salary Grade B. Approved job will be posted here.

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