Orientation Checklist


Note from Ernie M. 2/12/07:

Please remember to notify your WW&DCS contact when a new employee is starting or being transferred to your department. We will need as much advance notice as possible. This will allow us time to reload the workstation (or order a new one), order their backup account and have an Ethernet port installed if necessary. Please provide us with the following information:

For more information see the LHR Pre-Employment Checklist


Library HR Forms
Yale HR C&T Forms
Recruitment & Selection of Candidates for Permanent Positions (from: Personnel Policies and Practicies Manual)

STARS Recruitment System


Personnel Action Form (PAF) for C&Ts
I-9 form (employment eligibility)

Permissions and Accounts

ID Card Authorization from Security Office (John Vincenti)
Voyager Cat Module authorization (Joan Swanekamp or Patricia Thurston)
Voyager Circ Module: TS level authorization (Sue Crockford-Peters)
Voyager Acq Module: view-only authorization (Joan Swanekamp or Patricia Thurston)
Connexion Username and Password (supervisor, Joan Swanekamp, or Patricia Thurston)
RLIN21 Username and Password (supervisor or Patricia Thurston)
Class Plus Username and Password (supervisor)
Catalogers Desktop Username and Password (supervisor)
Confirm all needed software loaded on workstation (expert user; if need additional assistance, Workstation Support Specialist)
Activate Meeting Maker account (Debbie McGraw) for M&Ps and for C&Ts who serve on committees


Make sure desk is clean, supplied with calendar, stapler, or other useful supplies
Confirm NETID has been established (Debbie McGraw, if necessary)
Have employee activate NETID by entering PIN into Web form (PIN having been supplied by business office; retrievable through Yale Webmail account [since Eudora not yet activated]).
Activate Eudora account (Debbie McGraw) Not for students
Send test email to confirm address is operational  
On first day, take employee to ID Center for photo ID;
On way back, see Jarret (in J. Vincenti's office) for swipe-card access to Tech Services areas
Remind LHR to register employee for next scheduled full-day library orientation (this may have happened before day one, though, with date and time fixed in LHR's introductory letter)
Have employee bring proof of citizenship/resident work permit, etc. to LHR for vetting
Have employee fill out tax forms & emergency contact numbers
Ask whether to activate direct deposit (if so, employee should bring bank account and routing numbers)
Add employee's name to distribution lists (YULLib via Andrew Gray, YULcat and YULNACO via Anne Rhodes) Not for students?
Add employee's name to Yale Library staff directory (Andrew Gray)
Send to employee URLs for Yale Cataloging and other documents to provide initial reading material
Schedule tours, introductions, lunches, breaks with colleagues, training time with Steve & Manon, etc., prepare paper calendar with these times for first month (that they could later add to MM)
Activate/obtain telephone number (John Vincenti) M&Ps only
Obtain Toll Authorization Number or "TAN" (Roy Bohlander) M&Ps only
Show employee where to find cataloging and NACO/PCC statistics forms (links copied from Cat Dpt "Forms & Statistics" section)
Show employee where to find time slips
Show employee where team assembles outside during fire alarm

Student Hiring

Configuring Student Workstation (Earl's document)
Yale Student Employment Site
Student Hiring Process (LHR)

Casual Hiring

Hiring Casuals

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