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Getting started

"Subscription" tab

  • Full name (e.g., 245 subfields $a and $b) use systematic romanization here and hebrew script in Secondary tab)
  • Display name (subfield $a)
  • Institution: Yale
  • Link to Native interface URL,
  • Cataloger's Note (see "Presentation: Secondary tab" below)

"Presentation: Primary" tab

  • Type (usu. "Link only" for Hebrew resources)
  • Description (e.g., 520 note)

"Presentation: Secondary" tab

  • Alternative names (e.g., 246's; Hebrew script OK)
  • Coverage (if avail.)
  • Languages
  • Notes
  • Publisher name
  • Publisher URL
  • Creator (i.e., of IRD, so your initials. "DSL" as "creator search" in Metalib Admin will bring up all IRD's Daniel's created thus far)
  • Keywords
    • Can be entered on multiple lines or on single line with spaces inbetween. To string terms together, add underscores. (see keywords best practices document)
    • If using a phrase from, say, LCSH, make sure to use underscores.
    • If you assign keywords, return to "Subscriptions tab", and enter Cataloger's Note, and enter comment such as "subcat keywords in use - DSL 3/28/07" (see keywords best practices document)

"Presentation:Library" tab

  • Library telephone (your phone number)
  • Library email (your email)
  • Transportation (selector's email)
  • Access policy ("YaleUniv")

Other considerations

  • Add link to Orbis record. Click question mark to left of "Resource Name" at top of screen (any tab).

  • Enter the Open-URL, e.g.:
    • Related Resource:
      <a href=" &SL=None&Search_Code=TALL&CNT=50&DB=local"
      target=blank target="blank">Search Orbis</a>

Where "Search Orbis" serves as link text. Cf. Orbis Canned Searches (WW&DCS)

More other

(for Nanette)

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