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Microform Record Sets


1. REVIEW RECORDS (Daniel, Matthew, Youn)

Have metadata librarians and/or Daniel review microfiche records for completeness, quality, general fitness for inclusion in Orbis. Determine (with help of Youn or Matthew) whether additional, local fields may need to be added.

Daniel has already reviewed sample records from both sets, and thinks they’re OK. Does Matthew or Youn also need to take a look?

2. REVIEW GENERAL LOAD CONSIDERATIONS (Daniel, Audrey, Joan, others?)

          The 4,885 Hebrew fiche records would be replacing pre-existing minimal level records. Unlikely to find matching control numbers for specific record overlays, overlay by matching series title (i.e.: "Hebrew Books from the Harvard College Library," not an option, so …

… May need to identify and delete entire batch before loading new records. Jenn Nolte is working on this.

But we'd have to try to avoid deleting microfiche records (representing real print books) that were accidentally used during recon. These could be distinguished by their having "jud" rather than “mic” as location code. 

There are very few (something like a dozen, I’d have to check) pre-existing records for the Yiddish set.


Bib ID
1 96196556 Yiddish books from the Harvard College Library
2 4220168 Dostoyevski
3 3999922 Yesoydes fun der eltster Yudisher kultur-geshikhte
4 4087837 Dertseylungen vegn grenetsler
5 4624021 Zemtlikhe verke.
6 1142995 A fremd lebn
7 1143427 Ester'ke
8 7111734 Der Idisher Ḳongres.
9 1140134 Der ofshtand in Sobibur.
10 6190016 Fun klem aroys


1143734 Basni Krilov
12 3300221 Der toyt fun khaver Vulye



          Request that OCLC assign the call numbers? An example of the format is B2561 15 BC 0560, where B2561 indicates shelf-list position, 15 BC represents set division (i.e., division 15=Biblical Commentary) and 0560 the fiche serial number within a particular division. [3/22/07: Actually, call numbers need to be assigned from MRR shelflist. Here's a macro for making the change. It requires that a MFHD template be invoked with the desired call number.]

3. PURCHASE RECORDS. (Nanette, Joan)

Use OCLC online purchasing form to order Yiddish Books from the Harvard College Library (n=2,601 records) and Hebrew Books from the Harvard College Library (n=4,885 records).

Nanette may need to do this together with Joan, since the Web form requests information that Nanette may not have (e.g., institutional authorization and password). Alternatively, Nanette could fill out the PDF fax version. I believe both sets need to be purchased through OCLC, rather than through IDC or "Primary Source Microfilm" as some of us had thought at one point.

When filling out form:

Note that call number for Yiddish set has been reserved in Microtext Reading room. Orbis MFHD should have: 852:80: $b smlmic $h Fiche $i B4557. Hebrew set already established with 852:80: $b smlmic $h Fiche $i B2561 (data derived from bib 830$v).

4. SCHEDULE LOAD DATE WITH ILTS. (Nanette, Daniel, Audrey, others?)

Fill out Record Load Request Form (ILTS) See also: Electronics Resource Records at Yale University

"When Yale receives each record set (Yiddish and Hebrew) from OCLC in August and September, we will be able to test-load the records, and then assign them an approval and expected load date in the E-res queue (after the test records have been reviewed by Cataloging staff)." (Jenn)


Consult with Manon on AC processing; per Audrey, send records to MARS a few weeks before scheduled Orbis load date. Not earlier because headings begin to age and impossible to apply corrections.

          Joan to approve/absorb cost of MARS processing?

6.  LOADING OF RECORDS. (Audrey, Daniel)

Including all preprocessing steps such as adding local fields, removing unwanted fields, building holdings, and building load/overlay profile. Test loading. Daniel would need to test and signoff on test load, after which Audrey could schedule load to production.

          NOTE: issue of matching/deleting records above (“IMPORTANT”)

7. Catalog accompanying guide (if applicable):

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