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Preferred Sources for Copy Cataloging

1. DCLH 9114, 9414, 9110, 9410

††† DCLC 9114, 9414, 9110, 9410 (but need to add Hebrew)

2. CSUG 9114, 9414 (especially HL or HGL)

3. MABX 9114 (esp RLK)

4. NJPG 9114,9414 (esp. RS)

5. NYPH 9114, 9414, but route to Jerry Anne (JAD) if missing call number

6. NYJH 9114, 9414 (esp. CBM). This is JTS (Jewish Theological Seminary)

7. YIVO (RLIN LI?) seems to be especially good for Yiddish records

JTS creates some wonderful records butóthank you Stanley Nachami and Steven Bernsteinóbe aware of the following non-standard practices (and route to Jerry Anne if found):

            1XX, 6XX, 7XX, 2nd indicator 4

            B.C.E. instead of B.C.
C.E.   instead of A.D.

            Deleting the word "Saint" from name headings
Deleting the word "Christ" from "Jesus" heading

            "Bible" instead of "Bible. O.T."
"N.T."  instead of "Bible. N.T."
"Bible & N.T." instead of "Bible" (although sometimes it wasn't checked if a "Bible" heading in a source record referred to both, and was just left as is)

            Maimonides ... Moreh nevukhim
instead of
Maimonides ... Dalalat al-ha'irin. Hebrew
which could even lead to
Maimonides ... Moreh nevukhim. Arabic
instead of
Maimonides ... Dalalat al-ha'irin
(I'm not sure if I've given the Arabic title

            Also, at least one cataloger would write
--Israel--Hebron [for example]
instead of
--West Bank--Hebron
and code the fixed fields accordingly.

            Cliff, for one, would also do some romanization of
kamats-katan differently from LC (also known as Rinat
Yisrael vs. HaYesod), and put the "ayn" diacritic
"where it belongs" instead of neglecting this in the
case of the "furtive patah/patah genuvah," which LC
only acknowledges for "het."

7. Same caveats apply in general to Yeshivah University (NYYH 9114, 9414, etc.), but Iím not entirely sure what alterations they make aside from the 1XX, 6XX, 7XX, 2nd indicator 4s. In any event, if you see something irregular, route to Jerry Anne.

8. Maybe add Ohio State (esp. YG) and OHHH (Hebrew Union College) (esp. PM), but need to add Hebrew. Maybe ILSH? (Spertus College) and FLUG? (University Florida Gainsville)

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