Subject access


Adjective "Jewish":


a. Entry element

Jewish actors

Jewish aesthetics

Jewish preaching


b. qualifier

Art, Jewish [But: Jews--Music]

Philosophy, Jewish


"Judaism" as subdivision (H2015) for inherently religious topic:


Fasts and feasts--Judaism


Spiritual life--Judaism


Subdivision " --Religious aspects--Judaism" (H1998) under topic not inherently religious


Food--Religious aspects--Judaism

Sex--Religious aspects--Judaism


Phrase headings of the form "Judaism and" (gradually being replaced by [topic]--Religious aspects--Judaism


Judaism and labor.


Pattern headings under Religions (H1185) for Judaism


Judaism--Prayer books and devotions.


Pattern headings under Ethnic groups (H1103) for Jews


Free floating for Classes of persons with adjective Jewish  or for specifically Jewish classes of persons


Jewish scientists--Biography.

Rabbis--Handbooks, manuals, etc.


Pattern heading for Language for Hebrew, Yiddish, etc.