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 Notes on Cataloging Yizkor Books

  Data elements in this example has been altered for illustrative purposes. Data in boldface have particular relevance for Spielberg editions. These include fields fields that refer to full text online. Asterisks indicate fields for which Jerry Anne has developed macros.  
001 ·· CTYH05-B85
*008 ·· 050127r20031951nyuabc····r····001·0·yid·d For Spielberg editions, publication type 008/6 is 'r'; followed by reproduction date/original date in the next eight bytes. There's a second 'r' in there as well, indicating that it's a print reproduction. 008 and 020 comprise a singe macro.
*020 ·· a0657138150 Spielberg reprints have all been assigned new ISBNs (supplied on cover)
040 ·· ‡aCtY‡cCtY
043 ·· ‡ae-ur MARC Geographic Area code: (in this case: Europe-Ukraine)
*050 ·4 ‡aDS135.B382‡bK64 2003 All Yizkor book classifications should begin with DS135 (History of Jews in Diaspora) followed by cutter for nation state (in this case B382 for Belarus), followed by cutter for main entry.
245 00 ‡aKobrin Memorial Book =‡bKobrin zamlbukh.
246 ‡iTitle from original t.p.:‡a Kobrin zamlbukh :‡b(an iberblik ibern Yidishn Kobrin) / redagirt un baarbet fun Melekh Glotser
*246 18 ‡aMemorial Book of Kobryn Spielberg reprints have spine titles (246 second indicator 8) that may differ from those found on current and original t.p.
246 ‡iAdded title on original t.p. verso:‡aKobryn
*260 ·· ‡aNew York :‡bNew York Public Library ;‡aAmherst :‡bNational Yiddish Book Center, ‡cc2003.
300 ·· ‡a310 p. :‡bill., ports., map ;‡c28 cm.
*440 ·0 ‡aSteven Spielberg digital Yiddish library ;‡vno. 13815 (this number to be captured from Voyager in advance) This and following comprise a single macro.
*500 ·· ‡a"David and Sylvia Steiner Yizkor book collection".
500 ·· ‡aIncludes index.
*530   ‡aAlso available online. Note that 530, 776, and 856 all refer to the digital version of the text.
*534 ·· ‡pOriginally published:‡cBuenos Ayres : Bukh-komitet baym Kobriner landslayt fareyn in Argentine, 1951.
650 ·0 ‡aJews‡zBelarus‡zKobryn‡xHistory. This heading and the two that follow constitute a standard subject array for Yizkor books.
650 ·0 ‡aHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)‡zBelarus‡zKobryn.
651 ·0 ‡aKobryn‡z(Belarus)‡xEthnic relations.
*776 1 ‡aKobrin zamlbukh. This is title of the digitial version. Field appears in Web Voyage as " Available in other formats: Kobrin zamlbukh". First indicator '1' instructs computer: "do not display note" (for reasons that escape me at the moment). For macro, title is copied to clipboard in advance.
700 ‡aGlotser, Melekh.
*856 41 ‡3 Online version‡u http://yizkor.nypl.org/index.php?id=1100   Links to online version of same text. URL ID number copied to clipboard from Web site in advance. These and following 856 are part of same macro.
*856 42 ‡3 Yizkor books online ‡u http://www.nypl.org/research/chss/jws/yizkorbookonline.cfm Links to full collection of online Yizkor books