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Liturgical Headings and Subdivisions

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While Haggadah and other liturgical headings are not included in the list of valid free-floaters for sacred works (SCM H 1188), LC has applied subdivisions valid for literary works (SCM H 1155.8). Therefore "Haggadah--Adaptations" and

"Mahzor--Adaptations" are valid but not "Haggadah--Commentaries."

It is always a challenge to deal with these "non-standard" liturgical works--how to apply uniform titles, subject headings, classification, etc. How different must something be to be considered non-standard? The matter has come up on various occasions at Hebraica Team meetings.

As far as subject assignment, Hebraica Team members have, in general, refrained from using the standard array "[ ]--Liturgy--Texts" headings for these "non-standard" works, and instead have applied the subdivision "--Prayer-books and devotions." Please be aware, however, that "Jews--Prayer-books and devotions" is a reference to "Judaism--Prayer-books and devotions" and that the subdivision is further subdivided by language. Also, it may be assigned after topics.

So, LC suggests the following array of headings:

The other problem is classification. A special subarrangement was established for "miscellaneous adaptations" of Haggadot (BM674.795), but not for Siddurim or Mahzorim.

Uniform Title vs. Subject Heading

What should one do when one wants a subject access to a work for which only an established uniform title exists (e.g., Blessing of the sun) but no corresponding subject heading? Some materials do have both a uniform title and a corresponding subject heading (UT=Siddur, SH=Siddurim; UT=Haggadah, SH=Haggadot, etc.).

Until subject headings are established for several liturgical headings similar to this one, where no subject heading has previously been established to correspond with the established uniform title, one should use a combination of subject headings. For example, for works consisting of the liturgy of "Blessing of the sun" (without commentary), use the following combination of subject headings:

1. Sun--Religious aspects--Judaism.

2. Benediction--Judaism--Texts.

3. Judaism--Liturgy--Texts.

Henry Lefkowitz

Library of Congress

Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, Hebraica Team

Siddur (xxx)

One can establish "Siddur (Karaite)" on the analogy of "Siddur (Hasidic)," already established. "Karaite" is the correct adjective for the Karaites, as "Hasidic" is for the Hasidim.

Citing the entry from EJ describing the Karaite sect in the NAR is not quite appropriate for the 670 field since it doesn't relate *directly* to the heading being established (the siddur). In order to retain the information it provides without misusing the 670 coding, it can be tagged as a 675-- a source in which the *heading* was not found, but which is still relevant to the establishment of the heading.

As for the heading "Karaites. Liturgy and ritual" (n 79-86364): this, like other "Liturgy and ritual" headings, is not valid under AACR2.

Liturgical Rites

Library of Congress practices and their implications


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