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Last updated on
April 10, 2015



  1. AACR2 2002 C&T Workflow
  2. Added Copies: Policies & Procedures
  3. Added Copy or New Record: Books
  4. Barcode Placement Guidelines
  5. Cancellations <broken>
  6. Editing of Vendor Fields & Vendor Supplied Bibliographic Records
  7. ExportQ
  8. Numismatics
  9. Payment Records
  10. Policies for Re-Use, Suppression, and Deletion of Orbis Records
  11. Post-Reclamation Processing 
  12. Preliminary Bib. Records: Monographs
  13. Preliminary Bib. Records: Serial Analytics
  14. Preliminary Bib. Records: Serials
  15. Preliminary Bib. Records: Monographic Series & Multipart Monographs on Standing Orde
  16. Preliminary Bib. Record: Video
  17. Serial Analytics (Minimal Level Records for Monographic Series)
  18. Vendor On-Order Records to be Overlaid
  19. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Library Materials (Item in Hand)
  20. Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Missing and Unreturned Library Materials (Item Not in Hand)
  21. Withdrawal Policies & Procedures: What You Need to Know (LMC Presentation) Microsoft Word Document
  22. Item Record Withdrawal: Policies & Procedures Microsoft Word Document


  1. Orbis Cataloging Using Voyager Microsoft Word Document 
  2. ExportQ
  3. Handles and 856 Linking
  4. Importing Records from LCDB
  5. Importing Records Exported from OCLC 
  6. Connexion 2.0 Policies & Procedures for Exports
  7. Replace and Keep


  1. 035 Field: Delete, Retain, or Add
  2. 690 LGBTQ resource
  3. 856 Fields in Original, Copy, and Batch-loaded Records for Tangible Resources
  4. Audiobooks (Form Subject Tracing)
  5. CIP: Guidelines for updating with examples  
  6. Connexion: Setting Export Options
  7. Editing MARC Record Files (Using MARCEdit) Microsoft Word Document
  8. Form/Genre Policy
  9. Non-filing indicators
  10. Parallel records in WorldCat FAQ
  11. Provisional Policy for 13-Digit ISBNS
  12. Series Tracing Policy for Cataloging Copy
  13. Variable Field Deletion Policy
  14. Variant Editions Checklist






MFHDs & Call Numbers

  1. Authorized $k Stamps
  2. Belletristic Materials at SML
  3. Belletristic Call Numbers (SML) 2008 version
  4. Library of Congress Classification Call Numbers (Overview)
  5. MFHD Policies & Procedures
  6. MFHD Examples
  7. Orbis2 Location Codes excel gif
  8. Shelflisting Introduction
  9. Shelflisting Quick Reference Table
  10. Use of Trailing X in Call Numbers
  11. Y Class Schedule
  12. Y Class Schedule Supplement: Rev. & augmented numbers for Yale Depts. 

Item Records

  1. ENUM/CHRON Fields 
  2. Marking

YUL BSR Policies

  1. Standards for Bibliographic Records (RDA BSR) 

Authority Control

  1. Authority Control at Yale
  2. Heading Change Request Form
  3. Subfield $v Implementation at Yale
  4. Workflow for Catalog Librarians
  5. Workflow for C&T Staff


  1. Bound with Procedures 2005 
  2. Bound with Procedures 2005. Appendix. Manual updating
  3. Bound with Procedures 2005. Appendix. Unlinking Bibliographic Records
  4. Bound with Procedures for Serials and Multiparts (2007)


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