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Library Units

List does not include special libraries & collections

 Last updated on
April 10, 2015



  1. SML/BASS Policies & Processes for Media
  2. YUL Standards for Bibliographic Records (RDA BSR)
  3. Minimal Level Records: Serial Analytics, Pamphlets, & Projects


  1. 856 Fields in Original, Copy, and Batch-Loaded Records for Tangible Resources
  2. Cataloging CD-ROMs & Other Direct Access Electronic Resources: Copy Cataloging Checklist
  3. Direct Access Electronic Resources: CD-ROMs, etc. (RDA Original Cataloging)
  4. E-Monographs 2014 version
  5. E-Monographs (Variant Format & Copy Cataloging)
  6. E-Serials Cataloging Cheat Sheet
  7. General Website Cataloging Policies and Procedures
  8. Linking Text Subfields in 856
  9. Maintenance & Cataloging Workflow Policies for e-Book Records Created by YUL Microsoft Word Document
  10. Request a MARC Record Load
  11. Standard Terms for Use in 856 ‡y or ‡3
  12. Updating Websites: Introduction


  1. Preliminary Records: Videos & DVD
  2. Searching, Selecting, & Verifying Video Cataloging Copy
  3. Video: Fixed Fields
  4. Video (DVD & Videocassette) Original Cataloging Checklist - AACR2
  5. Call Numbers for Videos (Videocassettes, DVD, etc.) and Related Works (Screenplays, Criticism & Interpretation) 2005 version for SML

Mixed Materials

  1. Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines 
  2. Beinecke Manuscript Unit: Mixed Materials Format
  3. Beinecke Manuscript Unit: Visual Materials Format

Graphic Materials

  1. Digital Collections (YUL)
  2. Collections Collaborative: Print Metadata Seminar (LWL) Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Ephemera Collections Cataloging Checklist
  4. Orbis Visual Materials Cataloging Manual
  5. RDA Cataloging of Two- and Three- Dimensional Non-Projectable Graphics

Sound Recordings 

  1. Audiobooks Form Heading
  2. Cataloging of Popular & Traditional Music Sound Recordings
  3. Non-Music Sound Recordings Checklist (RDA update)




Reproductions: Microform, Photocopies, etc.

  1. Processing and Cataloging of Preservation Replacements. Part 1. (Processing)
  2. Microform Reproductions
  3. Reproduction Cataloging (Tangible Print Resources)
  4. Item Records for Microform (SML Procedures)
  5. Yale University Library Cataloging Accession Number

Serials and Series

  1. Bibliographic Records for Monographic Series & Multipart Monographs on Standing Order: Cataloging Policies and Procedures
  2. CONSER Standard Record (CSR)
  3. Copy Cataloging of Serials
  4. LC/PCC Guidelines for MARC 21 Repeatable 264 Field
  5. Major/Minor Changes for Serials and Series (RDA Update) [Serial Title Changes]
  6. Minimal Level Records: Serial Analytics, Pamphlets, & Projects
  7. Preliminary Bib. Records: Monographic Series & Multipart Monographs on Standing Order
  8. Preliminary Bib. Records: Serials
  9. Serial Maintenance (Acquisitions Support Staff)
  10. Serial Maintenance (Cataloging Staff)
  11. Standards for Recording Serial Holdings in MFHD

Multiparts & Updating Loose-leafs

  1. Multipart Policies and Procedures
  2. Multipart Monograph MFHD Guidelines
  3. LC/PCC Guidelines for MARC 21 Repeatable 264 Field

Cartographic Materials

  1. Cartographic Cataloging
  2. YUL Map Classification