Appropriate Bibliographic Records and MFHDs for Monographs

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Appropriate Bibliographic Records and MFHDs for Monographs

All books that are moved to the Library Shelving Facility must have an "appropriate" record in the Library's online catalog. For most titles this means that there will be a fully-cataloged bibliographic record with full MARC coding.


  1. Full Bibliographic Record (in the Leader encoding level "__", 1, 4)
    • Complete bibliographic description
    • Complete and verified bibliographic access points
    • Subject access points, as appropriate

  2. Permanent, Less-Than-Full Bibliographic Record
    • Required Fixed Fields:
      Leader: Encoding Level use 1, 7, 8, L, or M
      Leader: Cataloging Form use a, i, "__" as appropriate

      008: Publication Status
      008: Date 1
      008: Date 2 (when applicable)
      008: Place of Publication
      008: Language
    • Required variable fields:
      020: ISBN when present
      1xx: Author or editor as appropriate; one 7xx if no 1xx
      245: |a Exact transcription of title proper
      250: Edition statement
      260: First named place of publication, first named publisher,date of publication; if there are missing elements accept n.p., s.l., s.n., or n.d. as appropriate.
      300: Number of pages or volumes
      4xx or 490/8xx: Series statement
    • Subject access is optional

  3. Permanent, Less-Than-Full Collection Level Bibliographic Record

    For separately published items that do not require individual bibliographic records, the Permanent, Less-than-full Collection Bibliographic Record is created. This standard is generally applied to collections of published pamphlet-like materials but may be applied to other types of library materials when appropriate. This record includes the following elements:

    • Required Fixed Fields:
      Leader: Encoding Level
      Leader: Cataloging Form

      008: Publication Status
      008: Date 1
      008: Date 2 (when applicable)
      008: Place of Publication
      008: Language

    • Variable Fields:
      245: Title phrased by cataloger
      260: Inclusive dates of publication
      300: Number of items, Size or range of sizes
      5xx: Summary note on collection content when appropriate
      Personal author and title access points for each item, when appropriate
      6xx: One subject access point

MFHD 852

MFHD 86x

If the title is a multi-part monograph, there must be an 86x field in the MFHD. This field may include one or more of the following designations: volumes, parts, dates.


Item records must have the appropriate information in the following fields:


Full Record

010 __ |a 97157767  
020 __ |a 0140434151 
035 __ |9 FLJ6980YL 
040 __ |a DLC |c DLC 
043 __ |a e-uk-en 
050 00 |a PR4034 |b .E5 1996b 
082 00 |a 823/.7 |2 21 
090 __ |a PR4034 |b .E5 1996 
100 1_ |a Austen, Jane, |d 1775-1817. 
245 10 |a Emma / |c Jane Austen ; edited with an introduction and notes 
          by Fiona Stafford. 
260 __ |a London ; |a New York : |b Penguin Books, |c 1996. 
300 __ |a xxv, 415 p. ; |c 20 cm. 
440 _0 |a Penguin classics 
504 __ |a Includes bibliographical references (p. 413-[414]). 
651 _0 |a England |x Social life and customs |y 19th century |v Fiction. 
650 _0 |a Young women |z England |v Fiction. 
655 _7 |a Humorous stories. |2 gsafd 
655 _7 |a Love stories. |2 gsafd 
700 1_ |a Stafford, Fiona J. 

Collection Level Record

035 __ |a (OCoLC)ocm46355992 
035 __ |9 DFV3940YL 
040 __ |a YUS |c YUS 
049 __ |a YUSK 
099 __ |a no |a call |a number 
100 1_ |a Kaalaas, Baara, |d 1851-1918. 
245 10 |a [Papers on bryophytes. 1911-15. 
260 __ |c 1911-15] 
300 __ |a [1 v.] |c 22 cm. 
500 __ |a Binder's title. 
500 __ |a A bound collection of articles reprinted from various periodicals. 
650 _0 |a Bryophytes. 

Additionally, use of the 856 MARC field allows a link with the URL for finding aids, another point of access for material of value to researchers but not fully cataloged.

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