Policies for Bibliographic Records for Materials Transferred to the Library Shelving Facility


  • Each title must have an appropriate bibliographic and MARC holdings (MFHD) record in Orbis.

  • Appropriate record guidelines are defined for books and manuscript collections.

  • Each item transferred to LSF must have an item record attached to the matching bibliographic record.

  • Procedures must not be Voyager specific.
    • Review public notes in the MFHD (852 $z; equivalent to 'um' notes in NOTIS); if the note is system-specific, it should be deleted or re-worded in system-general terms; public notes that only apply to the original location should be deleted
    • Do not reference Voyager ID numbers
  • All temporary locations must be removed from item records before an item is transferred.

  • An item identified for LSF at point of acquisition will receive no special priority or handling.

  • No circulation activity will be performed as part of the transfer process.

  • Transfer all copies of a particular edition and correct MFHDs to accurately reflect Library's holdings.


Generally apply the following standards to serials and multi-volume sets. Exceptions should be discussed with the Chief Catalog Librarian. For detailed guidelines refer to Appropriate Bibliographic and Holdings Record for Serials Transferred to LSF.
  • Multi-volume sets are transferred in their entirety (no split sets).

  • Sets and serials for which we have a current subscription, standing order, or through some other arrangement we expect to receive additional volumes, are not candidates for transfer.

  • Serial titles are transferred in their entirety. If a serial has undergone title changes, all the volumes represented on a particular title (bibliographic record) must be transferred together.
If a title has already been split because some volumes are in Mudd and some are located in a school or departmental library, the following guidelines must apply to the copy being transferred to the LSF.
  • Items with an active order cannot be transferred to LSF.

  • Each MFHD for serials and multipart sets must indicate:
  • Item record for each volume including enumeration/chronology linked to appropriate MFHD

3. Pamphlets

For Sterling and recommended for school and departmental library pamphlet collections:
  • Process individual pamphlets as they are identified through the generation of pickslips.

  • In all cases where the individual pamphlets in a box are represented by title level records, the box level records will no longer be used to describe a collection and will be suppressed in Orbis.
Original document created: 5/5/99 by Joan Swanekamp. Rev. 7/1/99, 11/1/99
Updated for Voyager: Mar 28 2003 by Richard Sarcia

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