Appropriate Bibliographic and Holdings Records for Maps

All maps that are moved to the Library Shelving Facility shall have a full-level bibliographic record (in the maps format) in the Library’s online catalog.

Maps are housed in large, flat folders. Large sets will be broken up into multiple folders containing approximately 50 sheets each. The folders will be barcoded and it is the folders that will be retrieved from the LSF when a particular map is needed. The folder number and the range of map sheets will be indicated in the item record so that the correct folder can be retrieved.

I. Orbis record standards

1. Full standard bibliographic record.

  • Complete bibliographic description
  • Complete and verified bibliographic access points
  • Subject access points, as appropriate
  • Complete MARC content designation as required by RLIN, OCLC and local systems processes
  • 255 field indicating scale, and coordinates when available
  • 555 field indicating index to map sets, as appropriate
  • 590 field indicating that library’s set might not be complete, as appropriate
2. Copy holdings record
  • Cataloging status code: h
  • Copy status code as appropriate
  • Class code: T
  • Call number as assigned by map collection personnel
3. MARC holdings record (for multiple-sheet map sets)

A complete MARC holdings record is required in all cases. This should identify how the sheets are separated into folders.


866/6:41: $|8 0 $|a Folder 1: sheets 1-50

866/7:41: $|8 0 $|a Folder 2: sheets 51-100

4. Item records

  • Item records must be created for each folder housing maps in map sets. The enum/chron area should indicate the folder number and sheets included in the folder.

ENUM/CHRON: Folder 1: sheets 1-50

II. Other issues

1. Map sets.

Sheets that are lacking from large map sets are indicated on the index that is provided with each map set. Although the sheets are numbered, providing the specific holdings in a MHLD would not be helpful to the user without access to the index. Additionally, many sets are published by multiple publishers over the course of its publication, and the sets may include sheets from various editions. Therefore, in these cases, a 590 note should be added to the bibliographic records that indicates "Library holdings incomplete; editions and issuing bodies vary" and a 555 note should be added that indicates "Index to series in Map Collection, SML." A MARC holdings record should still be created identifying which sheets are in which folder.

2. USGS map sets.

Since we are still receiving maps for these sets that supercede earlier maps issued, these sets should not be considered for transfer to the Library Shelving Facility at this time.

3. Problem resolution.

Map sets without MARC holdings records should be referred to the D-level position (LSF problem resolver) to create a MARC holdings record.

III. Example. 

YL FMT P RT e BL m T/C DT 03/09/00 R/DT 03/16/00 STAT nn E/L DCF a D/S D 
SRC d PLACE gw LANG ger MOD CM/TYP b D/CODE m DT/1 1930 DT/2 9999 
034/1:1 : |a a |b 25000
040: : |d CSt-ES |d CtY
052/1: : |a 6710
110:1 : |a Germany. |b Heer. |b Generalstab.
245:10: |a Italien 1:25 000.
255/1: : |a Scale 1:25 000.
260: : |a [Berlin] : |b OKH/Gen St d H |c [1930-1943]
300/1: : |a maps : |b col. ; |c 38 x 40 cm. or smaller.
490/1:1 : |a Ger M892
500/1: : |a Relief shown by contours, spot heights, and occasionally form
500/2: : |a Set includes various editions and issues.
500/3: : |a Some sheets issued by Istituto geografico Militare (Florence).
500/4: : |a Military grid.
500/5: : |a Index to adjoining sheets, compilation data, etc., in margin.
500/6: : |a "Deutsche Heereskarte."
555/7: : |a Index to series in Map Collection, SML.
590/8: : |a Library holdings incomplete; editions and issuing bodies vary.
651/1: 0: |a Italy |x Maps, Topographic.
710/1:2 : |a Istituto geografico militare (Italy)
810/1:1 : |a U.S. |b Army Topographic Command ; |v Ger M892.
927: : |a 20000320RO
928: : |a ACTAPE

Germany. Heer. Generalstab.
Italien 1:25,000. -- <Berlin> : OKH/Gen St d H, <193 -1943>
(Ger M892)
STATUS h DT 03/09/2000 AD none 
001 2T CN |a sml,map |k Series |b 40 |c 1944 |d 03/09/00

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