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Macro Express at Yale Home Page   Sept. 2007

Loading the LGBTQresource macro using PCAmigo

1. Launch PCAmigo. Click on Available Online Software. Category List window will open.

2. Select University Library from the Category List.

3. Software List Page will open. On the Software List Page, find LGBTQ macro 1.0 and click on Details.

LGBTQ Available Software List

4. The LGBTQ Macro 1.0 page will open.

LGBTQ PCAmigo Download

Click the Download button at the center of the page. The File Download window will open.

5. On the File Download window, click on RUN.

LGBTQ File Download window

6. The C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe window will open and copy the macro into: c:\Program Files\Macro Express 3. You will be prompted to Press any key to continue.

LGBTQ System32 window

Press ENTER. The window will close.

7. If Macro Express is not open, start the program. The Macros window should display the file path: C:\Program Files\Macro Express 3\MASTER3D.MEX <or, MASTER3N.MEX>. If the correct file path is not displaying, check with your expert user. It is important that your Master Macro Express files are in the Macro Express 3 directory.

8. In the Categories window to the left of the Macros window, select the EDIT folder. Then click on the Import button on the toolbar (beneath Tools on the menu bar). Alternatively, you can go to the menu bar and click File-->Import-->Import Macros.


9. The Import Macros window will open. Click on the Open File button.

Macro Express 3 Import Window

10. The Import File window will open. It should be Looking in: Macro Express3. If not, have your Expert User find the Macro Express3 directory via Look in: and open it. PCAmigo loads the lgbtqresource.mex macro into the Macro Express3 directory.

Macro Express 3 Import Macro File window

11. Find the lgbtqresource.mex macro file and double click on it. (Or select it and click the OPEN button.). The Import Macro File window will close and the Import Macros window will be on top, with the macro now listed in the window. First click on the Select All button, and then click the Import button.

Macro Express 3 Import Macros window 2

12. The Import Complete window will open; click OK to close it. The LGBTQesource macro has been imported into the Edit folder of your Master File. Close the Import Macros window, then close the Macro Express window; the program's default setting is to remain running after the main window is closed.

13. To run the macro, position the cursor anywhere in the variable field preceding (above) the place you want to insert the new field and press Win-Alt-F12.

LGBTQ Orbis example


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