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Appendix H: Sample Records

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Edmund Wilson Papers (162.42 lin. ft., literary, Beinecke)

Ezra Pound Papers (67 lin. ft., literary, Beinecke)

Henry A. Holocaust Testimony (videorecording, part of oral history archive, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Louise Bryant Papers (13.5 lin. ft., historical, Manuscripts and Archives)

San Francisco Custom House Records (4.14 lin. ft., historical, Beinecke)

Records of Kingman Brewster, Jr. as president of Yale University (282.25 lin. ft., corporate, Manuscripts and Archives)

Rochambeau papers and Rochambeau family cartographic archive (49.8 lin. ft., historical, Beinecke)

General Collection Manuscript Miscellany (ongoing, historical/literary, Beinecke)

Newell, John. Account book (single item, historical, 18th century, Beinecke)

Lupson, Henry Charles. Notebook of magic tricks and recipes (single item, historical, 19th century, British Art Center)

Farrar, Thomas Lister. Plane trigonometry (single item, historical, 19th century, British Art Center)

Journal recording construction on Saint George Reef lighthouse (single item, historical, 19th century, Beinecke)

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