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Manuscript Cataloging Guidelines


Variable Control Fields

Alphabetical Order
Coding Order and Indexing

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Single Manuscript Instructions
Beinecke Manuscript Cataloging Manual

Alphabetical Order

Bibliographic Level 006
Cataloging Form 006 Books
Cataloging Source 006 Computer File
Date 1 006 Kit
Date 2 006 Language, Manuscript
Encoding Level 006 Map, Manuscript
Form of Item 006 Map, Printed
Language 006 Music, Manuscript
Modified Record 006 Music, Printed
Place of Publication 006 Projected Medium
Publication Status 006 Serial Control
Record Status 006 Sound, Musical
Type of Control 006 Sound, Nonmusical
Type of Record 006 3-D Artifact
  006 2-D Nonprojectable

Coding Order and Indexing

Field  Indexed 
Record Status No
Type of Record Limit by Item Type 
Bibliographic Level No 
Type of Control No 
Encoding Level No
Cataloging Form No 
Cataloging Source  No 
Place of Publication   Limit by Place
Language Limit by Language
Modified Record No 
Form of Item No 
Publication Status No 
Date 1 Limit by Date
Date 2 Limit by Date
006 Limit by Item Type

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