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Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 13:58:11 -0400
To: Kathleen Burns, E. C. Schroeder, Rebekah Irwin, Tracy Bergstrom, Katherine Haskins, Gretchen Gano, Julie Linden, Martha Smalley, Jennifer Weintraub, Stephen Yearl, Daniel Dollar, Karen Reardon
Subject: Testing the Yale Metadata Element Set and Guidelines

Hello all,

I'm writing to each of you to introduce the draft metadata element set and guidelines for Yale (YES Guidelines), See URL below for link to an MS Word version. On behalf of the IAC Metadata Committee, I ask you to review the element set and guidelines and provide the IAC Metadata Committee with feedback on the draft, comments on how the draft may relate to your digital initiatives, and information about your digital initiatives.

The YES Guidelines are in MS Word format at

The IAC Metadata Committee Web page is at

With your cooperation we'd like to

  1. Test the draft element set and guidelines against existing practices at Yale
  2. Test our existing practices against the draft attempt to establish a common ground for what to record for descriptive metadata and how to form that metadata--what elements to have and how to fill those element consistently with useful information.
  3. Inventory metadata practices for digital initiatives at Yale Library and map local element sets to one another.

Our intent is to use the feedback you give us to revise the YES Guidelines, press for common metadata policies and practices at Yale Library, and create a local metadata map among the various digital initiatives at Yale Library.

We are asking you to review the YES Guidelines, to use the YES Guidelines to critique your practices, and use your practices to critique the YES Guidelines.

In your response, please address the following. We would appreciate your response by Oct. 5, 2005.

Describe your project briefly. You may include such things as project name, scope, content types, number of digital objects, source files, purpose, etc.

Describe the metadata work flow for your project. How do the processes for creating metadata fit into the project work flow?

Provide 10 sample records from your project for use in mapping analysis. (Supply records in text format.)

Support answers to the following questions with examples from your records.

  1. What additional elements do you find necessary? Why?
  2. What elements do you find unnecessary? Why?
  3. How are your project's usage guidelines distinct from the YES guidelines? For what elements? Why?
  4. How might you use automation be to streamline metadata creation work flow? In what elements?
  5. Please comment on any aspect of the YES guidelines as it relates to your needs?

If you have any questions, please ask me.

Thank you.


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