Music Cataloging at Yale MARC Tagging

Quick & dirty guide to the 048 field codes

Alphabetical by the first letter of the code assigned to each instrument/voice family

b Brasses
ba  horn
bb  trumpet
bc  cornet
bd  trombone
be  tuba
bf   baritone
c Choruses
ca  mixed voices
cb  Women's
cc  men's
cd  children's
e Electronic
ea  synthesizer
eb  tape
ec  computer
ed  Ondes Martinot
k  Keyboard
ka  piano
kb  organ
kc  harpsichord
kd  clavichord
ke  continuo
kf  celeste
o Large Ensembles
oa  full orchestra
ob  chamber orchestra
oc  string orchestra
od  band
of  brass band
p Percussion
pa  timpani
pb  xylophone
pc  marimba
pd  drum
s Strings, bowed
sa  violin
sb  viola
sc  violoncello
sd  double bass
se  viol
sf  viola d'amore
sg  viola da gamba
t Strings, plucked
ta  harp
tb  guitar
tc  lute
td  mandolin
v Voices
va  soprano
vb  mezzo soprano
vc  alto
vd  tenor
ve  baritone
vf  bass
vg  counter tenor
vh  high voice
vi  medium voice
vj  low voice
vn  narrator or unspecified
w Woodwinds
wa  flute
wb  oboe
wc  clarinet
wd  bassoon
we  piccolo
wf  English horn
wg  bass clarinet
wh  recorder
wi  saxophone
See also a complete list arranged by instrument/voice family
048 Number of musical instruments or voices code from OCLC

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