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MARC field 380: Form of work
Note: this page was created with music cataloging in mind.

See also 381: Other distinguishing characteristics of work or expression | 382: Medium of performance | 383: Numeric designation of musical work | 384: Key
Sources: LC MARC 21 format for bibliographic date and authority data and DCM Z1

In bibliographic and authority records: a class or genre to which a work belongs.
     ° May be used to differentiate a work from another work with the same title.

Instructions for PCC catalogers in Descriptive Cataloging Manual (DCM) Z1, section on field 380:
     ° Prefer a controlled vocabulary, such as LCSH, LCGFT, or MeSH, or use a source term from the MARC subject heading and term source codes or Genre/form source code in           subfield ‡2 if appropriate.
     ° Capitalize the first term in subfield ‡a.
     ° When terms do not come from a controlled vocabulary, use the singular form.

» Unofficial LC policy is to not use non-genre terms (i.e., Trios, Quartets, Quintets, etc.) in the 380 field.

Follow the practice described in Best practices for music cataloging using RDA and MARC 21:
Do not record in a 380 field types of composition terms that are:
     ° medium of performance terms (e.g., Duet)
     ° tempo markings (e.g., Allegro)
     ° other generic terms that do not convey formal characteristics (e.g., Piece, Music)
1st blank
2nd blank
‡a Form of work: a term expressing the class or genre of the work.
     ° Multiple forms of work from the same source vocabulary may be recorded in the same field in separate occurrences of subfield ‡a.
          » Capitalize the first term in ‡a.
     ° Terms from different source vocabularies are recorded in separate occurrences of the field.
     ° When terms do not come from a controlled vocabulary, use a singular form
‡2 Source of term: MARC code that identifies the source of the term in subfield ‡a when it is from a controlled list.
     ° use ‡2 lcsh for Library of Congress Subject Headings
     ° use ‡2 lcgft for Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
Not from a controlled vocabulary:
380 __ Song cycle
380 __ Libretto
380 __ Motet
380 __ Hymn
380 __ Choral work
380 __ Aria
380 __ Prelude
380 __ Prelude ‡a Fugue
380 __ Sonatina
380 __ Cantio
380 __ Fantasias ‡a Caprices
               ° note: these should be in the singular
380 __ Musical work
               ° for a work by P.D.Q. Bach
380 __ Divertimento ‡a Serenade ‡a Harmoniemusik
380 __ Cantata for women's voices with mezzo-soprano or baritone soloist and piano accompaniment

From a controlled vocabulary:
Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms
380 __ Songs ‡a Art music ‡2 lcgft
380 __ Ballets (Music) ‡a Art music ‡2 lcgft
380 __ Mazurkas (Music) ‡2 lcgft
380 __ Tangos (Music) ‡a Art music ‡2 lcgft
Library of Congress Subject Headings
380 __ Songs ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Sonatas ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Canons, fugues, etc. ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Dance music ‡a Video art ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Cantatas ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Solo cantatas ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Operas ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Operas--Excerpts ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Concertos ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Magnificat (Music) ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Sarabands ‡a Minuets ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Ragtime music ‡2 lcgft
380 __ Motion picture music ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Ballets, Arranged ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Soundscapes (Music) ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Mixed media (Music) ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Sound installations (Art) ‡a Electronic music ‡a Ambient music ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Librettos ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Folk songs--Instrumental settings ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Songs ‡a Song cycles ‡2 lcsh
380 __ Motets ‡a Masses, Unaccompanied ‡a Polyphonic chansons ‡2 lcsh

From MLA-L, 5/7/2013: A question posed to Paul Frank of LC in a RDA live webinar in March 2013:
Q. How specific or granular can/should the 380 field be? Z1 says to prefer controlled vocabulary, e.g. from LCSH. Should we use only general terms from LCSH and avoid terms including medium (for example, Songs rather than Songs (High voice) with piano)? What term would be appropriate in the 380 for an opera aria?

A. I would leave medium of performance for the 382 field and use only the form itself for the 380 field:
380 __ Songs
380 __ Operas--Excerpts

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