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Music-specific AACR2 abbreviations

See also AACR2 abbreviations (roman alphabet) from Yale University

Abbreviations used in the bibliographic record as per AACR2 appendix B.2-B.8

word abbreviation word abbreviation
accompaniment acc. opus op.
alto A phonogram p
arranged arr. plate number(s) pl. no.
arranger arr. quadraphonic quad.
baritone Bar revolutions per minute rpm
bass B second(s) sec.
mezzo-soprano Mz Soprano S
minute(s) min. stereophonic stereo.
monophonic mono. tenor T
number, numbers 1 no. unaccompanied unacc.

These valid AACR2 abbreviations are not used in the following situations:

abbreviation not used for:
pt. or pts. "part(s)" when recording the number of musical parts in the 300 field
sd. "sound" for general or specific material designations
1See AACR2 abbreviations (roman alphabet): N for foreign language equivalents of the word "number" and their abbreviations

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