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008 field for name authority records

For elements of name authority records, see Elements of name authority records

OCLC name authority record fixed field:

Personal name and name/title authority records
The codes in bold red are those that may need to be changed from the default

position OCLC definition code information

Entered Date entered on file  

Geo subd Direct or indirect geographic subdivision n = Not applicable

Roman Romanization scheme = No attempt to code

Language of catalog = No information provided

Auth/Ref Kind of record a = Established heading

Rules Descriptive cataloging rules b
= AACR2 compatible heading

Subj Subject heading system/thesaurus a = Library of Congress Subject Headings

Series Type of series n = Not applicable

Ser num Numbered or unnumbered series n = Not applicable

Name use Heading use-main or added entry a = Appropriate

Subj use Heading use-subject added entry a = Appropriate

Ser use Heading use-series added entry b = Not appropriate

Subd type Type of subject subdivision = Undefined (obsolete)

Govt agn Type of government agency = No attempt to code

Ref status Reference evaluation a
= Tracings are consistent with the heading
= Tracings are not necessarily consistent with the heading (found in old records)
= Not applicable (no references)

Upd status Record update in process a = Record can be used

Name Undifferentiated personal name a
= Differentiated personal name (the name in the 1XX is a unique personal name)
= Undifferentiated personal name (the name in the 1XX is used by two or more persons)

Auth status Level of establishment a

= Fully established
= Provisional (the heading cannot be formulated satisfactorily because of inadequate information; code c may be changed to code a when the needed information is available)
= Preliminary (the heading is taken from a bibliographic record; the bibliographic item was not in hand at the time the heading was established; code d may be changed to code a when the item is in hand)

Mod rec Modified record = Not modified

Source Cataloging source
= National bibliographic
=Cooperative cataloging program agency

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