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General resources

      Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB) [Universal German Biography]
      Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz (HLS) [Historical Dictionary of Switzerland]
      Neue Deutsche Biographie (NDB) [New German Biography]
      Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon 1815–1950 (ÖBL) [Austrian Dictionary of Biography 1815–1950]


Composer biographies     (See also: Lists of composers' works on the Web)

Composer biographies by time period

Women composers and musicians biographies     (See also: Lists of composers' works on the Web)

Performer biographies

Birth and death indexes

Publishers' online catalogs
Printed-music publishers directory of music publishers' web sites from Indiana University

By country or geographic area
International Association of Music Information Centres: 43 member organisations in 38 countries
See also Geographic-specific sites from Indiana University and Classical music country index

Multiple composers by instrument or genre

Big band music: composers
Brass music: Brass music of Women composers database
Cello see Violoncello
Church music: Biographisch-bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (not music-specific)
Clarinet: Clarinet compositions by composer
Flute: Composers of flute music
Claudia's flutepage (composers and flutists)


Boije Collection in the Music Library of Sweden
Catálogo de compositores catalanes para guitarra, siglos XVI al XX
Classical guitar composers list - alphabetical
Classical guitar web portal
Las compositoras españolas de obras con guitarra
Contemporary guitar composers
Database of Latin American guitar music
Database of XXth century Italian guitar music
Dirks guitar page
Encyclopedia of the guitar
Max Eschig guitar catalog, pdf
Finnish works for guitar
Guitar composers of the classical and early romantic period, circa 1780-1900
The guitar in Italy in the nineteenth century, sixty biographies of Italian composers and guitarists (pdf)
Illiustrirovannyi biograficheskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar' gitaristy i kompository (illustrated biographical encyclopedic dictionary of guitarists and composers (in Russian (Cyrillic))
International Guitar Research Archive database of works giving titles on early editions
Italian guitarists 1860-1960 (pdf)
Master list of classical guitar composers arranged by nationality
Mujer y guitarra española (Spanish Women composers for guitar)
Partituras para guitarra clásica
Rincón del guitarrista: Lista de compositores
Select list of works written in the last 25 years for guitar held at the Australian Music Centre library
Sheer pluck
World guitarist


Jazz: Wikipedia Liste des musiciens de jazz A-K || L-Z || The last post database of jazz people who have "gone on"
Mandolin: Werkverzeichnis Mandoline from Musik & MusikerInnen
Motets: The motet database catalogue online (indexes manuscripts and printed anthologies produced between 1475 and 1600; works with Latin texts only)
Opera: Opera composers
Fan d'opéra; in process, biographies current from A-Bz
Italian Opera


Biographical dictionary of organists, composers for organ and organ builders
Composers for the organ
A directory of composers for organ by Dr. John Henderson
Liste von Organisten (from German Wikipedia)


Pianopedia: includes 894 composers, 5471 works (indicating 15748 movements or excerpt
Piano music for the left hand alone
Plucked instrument ensembles: Komponistinnenverzeichnis Zupforchester from Musik & MusikerInnen
Ragtime: Le ragtime français: classical and contemporary compositions
Recorder: Composers for recorder on the Web
Saxophone: Listes des compositeurs et leurs oeuvres || Catálogo de obras para saxofón de compositores de América Latina,
Song: Index of composers of Lieder and art songs || Deutsches Lied
Italian composers whose songs have been recorded by or with the Trio Lescano A-C D-L D-L Q-Z
Stabat Mater:
Trombone: Canadian compositions for trombone
Viola: List of compositions for viola: A-E | F-K | L-R | S-Z
Viola da gamba Thematic index of music for viols
Violoncello A catalogue of twentieth-century cello ensemble music (pdf)

Print resources

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