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Corporate names (AACR2 chapter 24)
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See also Personal names (AACR2 chapter 22)

Do not include in the heading:


Musical groups whose names appear in foreign languages:

24.4B1: If the name alone does not convey the idea of a corporate body, add a general designation in English.

A&M Records (Firm)
EMI (Firm)
Friedrich Hofmeister (Firm)

LCRI 24.4B: When establishing the heading for a performing group, apply the following:

LCRI 24.4B: When establishing the name of a performing duet with a name consisting of two or more surnames (without forenames or without forename initials)

Examples of corporate names: qualified to resolve conflicts

Qualified by place:
Five Stars (Musical group : N.Z.)
Five Stars (Musical group : U.S.)

Musica Viva (Ensemble : Baltimore, Md.)
Musica Viva (Ensemble : Los Angeles, Calif.)
Musica Viva (Ensemble : Russia (Federation))

Qualified by type of music:
Southwind (Gospel musical group)
Southwind (Celtic musical group)

Qualified by date the group began:
Double Image (Musical group : 1977- )
Double Image (Musical group : 1989- )

Qualified by leader of the group:
House Rockers (Musical group)
House Rockers (Musical group : Jimmy Cavallo)

Qualified by more than one method:
Jets (Musical group)
Jets (Musical group : Bobby Webb)
Jets (Musical quartet)
Jets (Reggae group)
Jets (Rhythm and blues group)
Jets (Rock and roll group)
Jets (Rock group)

Qualifiers added to corporate names by Deta Davis, Library of Congress, 3/10/99

Qualifiers that establish the nature of the name
24.4 concerns qualifiers for corporate names not conveying the idea of a corporate body. Qualifiers for musical groups should only be added when the name of the group does not convey the idea of a corporate body or when there is an actual conflict. Frequently qualifiers for musical groups have been applied when the name of the group does not convey the idea of musicality. This is not authorized by the rules and interpretations. For instance, RI24.4B explicitly states that a general designation should not be added as a qualifier if the name of a performing duet contains two surnames or if the name contains two forenames.

LCRI 24.4B (p. 3) instructs that if the name of the group contains a word which specifically designates a performing group or a corporate body in general, such as Band, Consort, Society, etc., or which contains a collective or plural noun such as Ramblers, Boys, Brothers, Hot Seven, etc., or, in the case of performing duos, contains two forenames or surnames, a qualifier should not be added. Extremely vague names, which consist mostly of single common words (e.g., Circle, Who, Jets, etc.) and names which have the appearance of a personal name (e.g. Jethro Tull) should have a designation added. For the names of corporate bodies which fall between the above two categories, such as Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Road Apple, L.A. Contempo, etc., add the designation because the idea of corporateness is not definite from the name alone.

Since the purpose of this qualifier is merely to establish that this is the name of a corporate body, the general term "(Musical group)" is most appropriate. Caveat: in conflict situations, a more definite qualifier is permissible.

Qualifiers to resolve conflicts between identical names
If a more specific term is used to resolve a conflict, it should be kept as general as possible. For example, if the name of a male vocal quartet conflicts with an instrumental group already qualified with "(Musical group)," an appropriate qualifier would be "(Vocal group)," not "(Male vocal quartet)." Using the most general terms possible insures the viability of the qualifier despite the not infrequently changing personnel or focus of a group: what was at one time a quartet may lose a member and issue recordings as a trio before reconstituting as a quartet or even expanding to a quintet. Also note that the additional qualifiers stipulated in rule 24.4C and its RI are available for conflicts in which the types of qualifiers already discussed are inadequate, e.g., Musica Nova (Musical group : Sweden).

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