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Carlo Domeniconi

From his: Sunayama henge. Tokyo : Gendai Guitar Co, c2002.
op. 1, Hommage a J. Rodrigo, 2 guitars
op. 2, Orient express, guitar
op. 3, Nil, guitar
op. 4, Seven compositions, guitar
op. 5, Moonlights, guitar
op. 6, Concertino in fa (Nr. 1), guitar, orchestra
op. 7, Gli spiriti, guitar
op. 8, Concertino sudamericano, guitar, orchestra
op. 9, Fantasia di luci e tenebre, guitar
op. 10, El Mato (Nr. 2), guitar orchestra
op. 11, Quaderno brasiliano, guitar
op. 12, Suite sudamericana, guitar
op. 13, Meta-amor-phose, guitar
op. 14, Sonata in tre movimenti, 2 guitars
op. 15, Variationen uber ein anatolisches Volkslied, guitar
op. 16, Suite in modo antico, guitar
op. 17, Passacaglia & fugue, guitar
op. 18, Introduktion & Fandango, 2 guitars
op. 19, Koyunbaba, guitar
op. 20, 24 Praludien, guitar
op. 21, Notturno (Homenaje a Andres Segovia), guitar
op. 22, Three studies for the spirit, guitar
op. 23, Musik fur den kleinen Prinzen, guitar
op. 23a, Musik fur den kleinen Prinzen, flute
op. 24, Raga, guitar
op. 25, Tryptichon (Triligie), guitar
op. 26, Gita, guitar
op. 27, Concerto in tre movimenti (Nr. 3), guitar, orchestra
op. 28, Naturgeister, 2 guitars
op. 29, Concerto di Berlinbul (Nr. 4), guitar, orchestra
op. 30, Sonatina mexicana, flute, guitar
op. 31, Concerto no. 5, guitar, orchestra
op. 32, Ellylldan, guitar
op. 33, Funf Stucke, cello, guitar
op. 34, Avalon, guitar
op. 35, Canto profondo, cello
op. 36, Prana, 2 guitars
op. 37, Sonata a due, flute, guitar
op. 38, Sieben Imaginationen, cello, guitar
op. 39, 24 Klangbilder, guitar
op. 40, 24 Positionsetuden, guitar
op. 41, Ein Sonntag auf dem Lande, 3 guitars
op. 42, Vier Stucke, 4 guitars
op. 43, To play or not to play, guitar
op. 44, Le citta invisibili (Die unsichtbaren Stadte), 2 guitars
op. 45, Anatolia, 4 guitars
op. 46, In sospeso, 3 flutes, cello, guitar
op. 47, Dhvani (Konxert Nr. 6), guitar, orchestra
op. 48, Transcendence, violin, strings, chime, harp
op. 49, Sinbad, ein Marchen, guitar
op. 50a, Fantasia d'oriente e d'occidente , 2 guitars
op. 50b, ... un poco di tempo, bass (alto flute)
op. 50c, Cercando, recorder, guitar
op. 50d, Minyo, guitar
op. 50e, Gesualdo, guitar
op. 50f, Sonatina turca, 2 guitars
op. 51, Medium sweet guitar concerto (Nr. 7), guitar, orchestra
op. 51a, Schnee in Stanbul-Schneeschmelze, guitar
op. 51b, Incontra, guitar
op. 52, Outremer, marimba, guitar
op. 53, Mirando las estrellas, flute, harp
op. 53a, Drei Stucke, cello
op. 53b, La notte rubata, violin, viola, cello
op. 53c, Suoni di stromboli, bassoon
op. 54a, Circusmusic, 2 guitars
op. 54b, Circusmusic, 4 guitars
op. 55, Contemplacao, 3 cellos
op. 56, Kyrsea Phorminx, guitar
op. 56a, Cinque pezzi in stile classico, guitar
op. 57, Narnia, violin, cello, 2 guitars
op. 58, 24 Immaginationen, guitar
op. 59, Des Fisches Nachtgesang, 4 flutes, guitar, double bass, percussion
op. 60, Dewisch songs, voice, guitar
op. 61a, 12 kleine Klavierstucke, piano
op. 61b, Phare, piano
op. 62, Galgenlieder, voice, guitar
op. 63, Taht, cello
op. 64, Robin Hood suite, guitar
op. 64a, La battaglia, guitar
op. 64b, Watermusic, 2 guitars
op. 65, Suite, viola da gamba
op. 65a, Mandala, viola da gamba, 3 lutes, percussion
op. 65b, Turan usta havasl, violin, cello, guitar
op. 66, Nadi, flute, viola, pipe organ op. 67, Concerto mediterraneo (Nr. 8), guitar, orchestra
op. 68, ... e lasciatemi divertire, voice, guitar
op. 69, Gamelan (Ketjapi),, guitar
op. 70, Sonata, quasi una sinfonia, guitar
op. 71, Suite caratteristica, guitar
op. 71a, Sunayama Henge (Verwandlung), guitar
op. 72, My esoteric Brazilian aunt, guitar
op. 73, Dirindilla (Konzert Nr. 9), guitar, orchestra
op. 74, Pork pie variations, 2 guitars
op. 75, Juegos del viento, 3 guitars
op. 76, Serenata (Konzert Nr. 10), guitar, orchestra
op. 77, Cuentos de Atlantida (Konzert Nr. 11), guitar, orchestra
op. 78a, Canti d'amore del nord d'Italia, voice, guitar
op. 79, Terr, orchestra
op. 80, Illuminata, guitar
op. 81, A step to paradise, guitar
op. 82, Tres huaynos, mandolin, guitar
op. 83, Waiting for the tiger, cello, accordion
op. 84, El trino del diablo (Konzert Nr. 12), guitar, orchestra
op. 84, El trino del diablo (Konzert Nr. 12), ensemble
op. 85, Ricercare, violin, guitar
op. 85b, Tango, violin, guitar
op. 86, Concerto Nr. 13, guitar, orchestra
op. 87a, Zeitbruch, flute, guitar
op. 87b, Canzone e tango, cello, piano
op. 88, Toccata in blue, guitar
op. 90, The bridge of the birds, guitar
op. 91b, fuge, 4 voices
op. 91b, Fuge, 4 guitars
op. 92, Praludium & Fuge, guitar
op. 93a, Oyun, 4 guitars
op. 93b, Oyun, guitar, orchestra
op. 94, Praludium & Fuge Nr. 2 g-moll, guitar
op. 95, Praludium & Fuge Nr. 3 e-moll, guitar
op. 96, Praludium & Fuge Nr. 4 h-moll, guitar
op. 97, Sonata, guitar
op. 98, Rocordando B.A., guitar
op. 99, Long Island suite, 2 guitars
op. 100, Sonate Nr. 3, guitar
op. 101, Vidala, guitar
op. 101a, Vidala, 2 guitars
op. 102, Ten aspects of a Bartok theme, 2 guitars
op. 103, Taqsim, guitar
op. 104, ... a la notte, guitar
op. 106, Sieben Lieder nach Yunus Emer, voice, guitar
op. 107, Berlin, int hellet, int dunklet, in beedes, voice, guitar

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