Music Cataloging at Yale MARC Tagging

Codes for forms of composition in the fixed field and 047 field

Use of the 047 field is optional. The 047 field applies to form of composition. This field corresponds to Composition in the fixed field and is used only when there is more than one form of composition.

When there are multiple forms, code composition as mu (multiple forms) and use the 047 field to code for the specific forms. The codes for specific forms used in the 047 field are listed below.

The codes for "other" forms (i.e. those forms not found in the list below) or "unknown" forms are zz and uu. LC uses "uu" when the form or genre is not known or readily determined and "zz" when the form is known, but is not on the list. For example, LC uses "uu" for choruses, trios, quartets, etc., which are not really forms, but "zz" for arabesques, quodlibets, fanfares, incidental music, and voluntaries. There are several forms, such as intrada and capriccio, which are tagged inconsistently in LC records.

Neither zz nor uu are used in the 047 field.

When there are multiple forms, but only one appears on the list, put the code for that form in composition in the fixed field and do not make an 047.

Contains a fugue, pavan, and waltz:
composition: mu
047    fg a pv a wz
Contains choruses and vocal trios and quartets; there is no code for any of these:
composition: uu
no 047 field
Contains a chorus, incidental music, and a sonata. Since uu and zz are not used in 047, that leaves the code for sonata (sn). Code the fixed field for sonata; do not include an 047 field:
composition: sn
no 047 field

List of codes alphabetical by name of form of composition

an anthems
bd ballads
bt ballets
bg bluegrass music
bl blues
cn canons, rounds
ct cantatas
cz canzonas
cr carols
ca chaconnes
cs chance compositions
cp chansons, polyphonic
cc chant, Christian
cb chant, other religions
cl chorale preludes
ch chorales
cg concerti grossi
co concertos
cy country music
df dance forms
  See also mazurkas, minuets,
  pavans, polonaises, waltzes

dv divertimentos, serenades, cassations,
    divertissements, notturnes (but not nocturnes)
fg fugues
fl flamenco
fm folk music
ft fantasias
gm gospel music
hy hymns
jz jazz
md madrigals
mr marches
ms masses
mz mazurkas
mi minuets
mo motets
mp motion picture music
mu multiple forms
mc musical revues and comedies
nc nocturnes
op operas
or oratorios
ov overtures
pt part-songs
ps passacaglias
pm passion music
pv pavans
po polonaises
pp popular music
pr preludes
pg program music
rg ragtime music
rq requiems
rp rhapsodies
ri ricercars
rc rock music
rd rondos
sn sonatas
sg songs
sd square dance music
st studies and exercises
su suites
sp symphonic poems
sy symphonies
tc toccatas
tl theatro lirico
ts trio sonatas
uu unknown
vi villancicos
vr variations
wz waltzes
za zarzuelas
zz other

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