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Examples of staff heading searches in Voyager

Non-keyword staff searching in Voyager used to search music:
"Non-headings" searches:
Series title
Series: not traced
Number searches:
ISBN (020 a|z)
ISSN (022a|y|z)
LCCN (010 a|z)
Auth LCCN (010a)
Auth LCCN (010z)
Publisher number (028 a|b, 260d)
Other standard identifier (024 a|z)
"Headings" searches:
Staff name headings search
Staff name/title headings search
Staff subject headings search
Staff subject subdivision search
Staff title headings search

The headings searches retrieve the heading you searched from the following MARC fields:
Staff name headings search: 100, 700, 800
Staff name/title headings search: 100/240, 100/245, 700/Æt
Staff subject headings search: 6XX, 100/240 from authority records
Staff subject subdivision search: 6XX/Æx, y, z, etc.
Staff title headings search: 130, 4XX, 730

Staff name heading search: copland aaron 1900:

Staff name/title heading search: copland aaron 1900:

Staff name/title heading search going to a specific point in the alphabet (titles begining with "o"): copland aaron 1900 o:

Staff subject heading search: copland aaron 1900:

Staff name search (not a "headings" search): copland aaron 1900:
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end of the list

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