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Class numbers for vocal ensembles

Vocal ensembles include secular and sacred duets, trios, quartets, etc., (one voice to a part), with or without accompaniment.
For class numbers for choral ensembles (two or more voices to a part), see Class numbers for choral music.

For information about subject headings for vocal ensembles, see Vocal ensembles

Secular Sacred Orchestra, other ensemble, or electric accompaniment
M1528 M2018 Full scores
M1528.5 ---- Vocal scores without accompaniment
M1529 M2019 Vocal scores
Secular Sacred Accompaniment of keyboard or other instrument or unaccompanied
M1529.2 M2019.2    Collections
M1529.3 M2019.3    Separate works
Trios, quartets, etc.
M1529.4 M2019.4    Collections
M1529.5 M2019.5    Separate works

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