Music Cataloging at Yale MARC Tagging

Time period of content (date(s) of composition) (045 field)

Use of the 045 field is optional. 045 is for the date of composition of the piece(s). A common error is use of the field for date of performance.
1st indicator    = no specific date
0 = one work with a specific date of composition
1 = more than one work with a date of composition for each work
2 = one work with a range of dates of composition
2nd indicator    = always blank

time period
formatted date    
a letter represents the century; a number represents the decade
first four digits represent the year; two digits for the month; two digits for the day

045 0
045 0
045 2
045 1
a x6x7
b d1971
b d19710211
b d1971 b d1974
b d1971 b d1974
from the 1960s or 70s (x = century; 6 and 7 = decade)
one work, one date of composition
one work, one date of composition: 2-11-1971
one work, multiple dates of composition: from 1971-1974
multiple works; multiple dates of composition; 1st work from 1971; 2nd work from 1974

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