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Parts of the Mass

The list of uniform titles from IFLA's Working Group on Uniform Headings for Liturgical Works includes useful explnations of liturgical terminology.

Sung or chanted
A term that is a type of composition is linked to its entry in
Types of Composition for Use in Authorized Access Points for Music
Links to definitions (from Indiana University) are in italics
Proper Ordinary Proper Ordinary
    1. Introit definition  
      2. Kyrie definition
      3. Gloria1 definition
4. Collect      
5. Epistle      
    6. Gradual definition  
    7. Alleluia (Tract) definition  
8. Gospel      
      9. Credo definition
    10. Offertory definition  
11. Secret      
12. Preface      
      13. Sanctus definition and Benedictus
  14. Canon    
      15. Agnus Dei definition
    16. Communion definition 
17. Postcommunion      
      18. Ite, missa est (Benedicamus Domino) definition
  19 Last Gospel    

1The Gloria is omitted in seasons of Advent and Lent.

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