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What constitutes a new edition of a work?

See also When to create a new bibliographic record for music

Two items are the same edition when, according to AACR2, Appendix D (glossary) both are:

° produced from essentially the same type image
° regardless of the method of production
° issued by the same publisher, etc. (but not necessarily the same distributor)

LCRI 1.0: General rules

Consider them to be different editions if
° they do not follow the AACR2 definition of edition; OR
° there is an explicit indication of changes (including corrections) of content; OR
° anything in the following areas or elements of areas differs from one bibliographic record to another:
° title and statement of responsibility area
° edition area
° the extent statement of the physical description area
° series area.
Differences in the publication, distribution, etc., area, ISBNs:
° Consider them to be the
same edition if
° the only variation is one or more of the following:
° a difference in the printing or copyright date when there is also a publication date;
° a minor variation in an entity's name (a name change, however, even if minor, should not be considered as a variation);
° the addition, deletion, or change of an ISBN;
° a difference in binding;
° a difference in the edition statement or the series whenever the item is a CIP book issued by the publisher in both a hardbound and a softbound version.
° Consider them to be different editions for all other variations.
° variations involving different places or entities transcribed;
° difference in an entity's name that is suggestive of either a name change or a different entity

° From MOUG-L, the official e-mail discussion list of the Music OCLC Users Group, Friday, August 29, 2008:
Q: I have a score that has close copy in OCLC, but the title in the bibligraphic record is slightly different than that on my item. The OCLC record has as the cover title "Suite no. 5 in c, BWV 1011, originally unaccompanied suite for cello." My copy has "Suite V, BWV 1011" on the t.p., cover, and caption. The caption also includes "originally for solo cello." I consulted "When to input a new record," and nothing seems to apply. It isn't a "title change." Everything else--pagination, date, size, and arranger--match. Should I create a new bibliographic record for the score I have, if only because a title search won't get this item?

A: (from Jay Weitz, Senior Consulting Database Specialist, OCLC)
Although it appears to be true that none of the differences that do not justify a new record in "When to Input a New Record" field 245 seem to apply, the final sentence in the section does apply: "Specific differences in the wording of the title proper other than those noted above justify a new record." Your cover title differs from the cover title that you've cited from the existing WorldCat record. In the absence of any other information, that's enough to justify a new record.

° From "Questions & Answers," by Jay Weitz, MOUG Newsletter no. 80, p. 23:
"Usually, a new or different distributor alone does not justify a new record. Other significant differences--such as the absence of a place of publication where there had previously been one, or the presence of a new publisher number where there previously had been none--may [emphasis added] justify a new record."

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