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Sound recordings
 Notes for sound recordings, when needed, are to be given in the following order:

Manufacturer's number || Artistic form and medium of performance || Language of sung or spoken text || Source of title proper
Variations in title || Parallel titles and other title information || Statements of responsibility || Edition and history
Publication, distribution information || Physical description || Accompanying material || Contents

6.7B19 Manufacturer's number (See The 028 Field (Manufacturer Number for Sound Recordings) for examples)
6.7B1 Artistic form and medium of performance
500     The 7th work is a song cycle.
500     First-2nd, 4th works for flute and piano; 3rd and 5th works for solo flute.
500     Opera in 1 act.
500     Opera excerpts.
500     Principally folk songs with piano or orchestra acc.
500     Dutch love and drinking songs for 1-3 voices with instrumental ensemble. 500     Piano rolls of ragtime music.
500     First work originally for flute and orchestra; 2nd work originally for violin and piano; 4th work originally for orchestra.
6.7B2 Language of sung or spoken text (tag as 546; both indicators are blank)
546     The 4th-5th works sung in English.
546     Sung in English, French, German, and Italian.
546     The 1st work is sung in a combination of English, French, German, Italian, and Latin, the 2nd-4th works are sung in English.
6.7B3 Source of title proper
6.7B4 Variations in title
See also The 246 field
6.7B5 Parallel titles and other title information
6.7B6 Statements of responsibility
This note need not be transcribed directly from the chief source; however, as in the 245/c, statements of responsibility for different functions are separated by space-semicolon-space.
Based on
500     Revue based on the music of Alec Wilder conceived by Barbara Zinn and Elliott Weiss.
500     Based on folk texts from the 17th and 18th centuries.
500     The 1st work based on Goethe's poem.
500     The 4th work is based on the 2nd-3rd works.
500     Based on a tale from the Arabian nights.
Libretto/text by
500     Libretto by Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko after the dramatic poem The gypsies by Alexander Pushkin.
500     Libretto for the 1st work by César von Arx.
500     Libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy.
500     Libretto by F.W. Weiskern, J.H.F. Mu¨ller, and J.A. Schachtner.
500     Text of the 1st work from the play by Hofmannsthal.
500     Text of 1st work from: When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd / Walt Whitman.
500     Text by Sylvia Plath (1st work).
Performers (tag as 511)
1st indicator: 0 = No display constant generated.
                   1 = Cast
2nd indicator: blank
511  0  Carol Wincenc, flute ; Samuel Sanders (1st, 3rd, 5th-6th works), Lukas Foss (2nd work), David Del Tredici (4th work), piano.
511  0  Christopher Hogwood, clavichord (by Johann Adolf Hass, 1761).
511  0  Jaap Schröder, violin ; with Christopher Hirons, violin (3rd work) ; Academy of Ancient Music ; Christopher Hogwood, conductor and harpsichord.
511  0  Charles Krigbaum, performing on the Newberry Memorial organ, Woolsey Hall, Yale University.
511  0   Sebastian Hennig (2nd work), Stefan Rampf, Allan Bergius (3rd work), sopranos ; René Jacobs, alto ; Kurt Equiluz, tenor ; Max von Egmond (1st-2nd works), Walter Heldwein (3rd work), basses ; Knabenchor Hannover, Collegium Vocale, Leonhardt-Consort, Gustav Leonhardt, conductor (1st-2nd works) ; Tölzer Knabenchor, Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, conductor (3rd work).
6.7B7 Edition and history
Reissue of [label and number]
500     Reissue of: ABC Records ATS-20011.

Previously issued on [label and number]
500     The 2nd work previously released as Columbia MS 6373.
500     "Previously released in SD-3752"--Container.
500     "Previously released in S-35936"--Container.
Includes previously released material
500      Principally previously released material; "includes 4 bonus tracks from a demonstration record by Charles Strouse & Lee Adams"--Container.
Edition(s) recorded
500     Ed. recorded: Bruxelles : CeBeDeM.
500     Eds. recorded: Ione Press (1st work); ACA (3rd work); Galaxy Music (4th work); Dantalian (5th work); C. Fischer (7th work).
Date/time and place of recording (tag as 518; both indicators are blank)
Include the place(s) and date(s) of recording, when they are stated on the item or in the notes.
518     Recorded between 1952 and 1972 in Trinity College Chapel, Hartford, Conn. (1st-2nd, 4th, 6th-7th works) and Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. (3rd and 5th works).
518     First recordings of tambora music from the Mexican state of Sinaloa recorded by various bands between 1952 and 1965.
518     Recorded June 1-5, 1984, at American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York City.
518     Recorded in Kingsway Hall, London, Nov. 1983 (1st work) and in Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, Aug. 1984 (2nd work).
518     Recorded digitally directly from a 1910 Steinway 65/88 noteplayer.
Digitally remastered
500     The 1st work a digital recording; the 2nd work a digitally remastered recording.
500     "Digitally remastered from the original 78rpm pressings"--Container.
500     "Digitally remastered with bonus tracks"--Container.
500     "Digitally mastered from an original analogue stereo recording"--Container.
6.7B9 Publication, distribution
500     "Coproduction Schwann Düsseldorf."
500     "Coproduction Aria/ADDA/K 617"--Container.
500     "Licensed from Decca."
500     "Licensed from Augsburg Publishing House."
500     "Licensed for promotional use only"--Labels on discs.
Label on container [giving distributor, etc.] ...
500     Cataloged from information on label, container, and outside sources.
500     Distributor from label on container.
500     Publisher from label on container.
Imprint on container, etc.
On container: Columbia private [disc].
Additional label name on container: MK.
Limited ed.
500     A limited edition compilation album produced with the approval of the Clinton Presidential Inaugural Committee.
500     "Limited edition reissue produced for Records International by the original manufacturer"--Container verso.
500     "Exclusive limited edition--private subscription only."
6.7B10 Physical description 1
500     Compact disc. 2
500     Recordable compact disc.
500     In two containers.
500     Durations
Durations are included in a note field only when there are two or more works on the recording, the durations are included in note. See Durations for a recording or score with two or more works.
When there is one work on the recording, include the duration in the physical description area (300/a)
6.7B11 Accompanying material
6.7B12 Series
6.7B13 Dissertation
6.7B14 Audience
6.7B16 Other formats available
500     Issued also as cassette: 27 0452 4.
500     Issued also as analog disc: BELL 134.
6.7B17 Summary (spoken word recordings only)
6.7B18 Contents (tag as 505) See Contents notes for music.
6.7B20 Copy being described, library's holdings, and restrictions on use (tag as 590)

SOURCE: AACR2, and Smiraglia, Music Cataloging, p. 37-8.

1Physical description: MCD 6.7B10 (rev. Oct. 1991) says to no longer make the note "Analog recording" or "Digital recording."
2Compact disc: This note should be tagged as 500 not 538 (system details note) [Source: communication on MLA-L on 8/15/2000 from Matthew Wise, Chair, Bibliographic Control Committee, Music Library Association]

NOTE: 5XX fields which end in a parenthesis or bracket should also include a period as final punctuation.

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