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List of music instruction sheets in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings (SCM)

H 250 Guidelines for establishing music heading authority records for music compositions
H 1160 Pattern headings for musical compositions; includes guidelines for arranged works and subdivisions and list of free-floating subdivisions and form/topical subdivisions
H 1161 Pattern headings for musical instruments; includes a list of form subdivisions
H 1438 Composers and works about music of individual composers; refers to H 1110: Names of persons; includes guidelines for works about specific compositions and works about compositions in a musical form or for a general or specific medium of performance
H 1916.3 Music: general: overview of the assignment of subjects headings for all materials in the field of music
   · musical form, genre, type, etc.
   · medium of performance
   · music for occasions
   · music about a topic, person, or other named entity
   · language of vocal text
   · certain liturtical texts
   · musical style
   · music of ethnic, national, and religious groups
   · musical presentation or format subdivisions
   · geographic subdivisions
   · literature and other materials about music
   · instructional materials
H 1916.5 Jazz and popular music
H 1917 Music of ethnic, national, and religious groups
H 1917.5 Music form/genre headings: medium of performance
H 2075 Songs and music
H 2190 Texts

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