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Entry element for Spanish and Portuguese surnames

See also Entry element for surnames with separately written prefixes

Portuguese surnames vs. Spanish surnames
Portuguese and Spanish names are set up differently.
The names below mean the same thing, but are established differently:
In both cases the entry is under the father's surname.
Spanish John <father's surname> <mother's surname> Juan López Rodríguez In Spanish that is the first surname. Enter under López.
Portuguese John <mother's surname> <father's surname> João Rodrigues Lopes In Portuguese it is the last surname. Enter under Lopes.
Thanks to Ellen Jaramillo, Catalog Librarian, Latin American Team, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, for this information and to Pedro Vieira .
Words indicating a relationship following surnames (22.5C8)
Treat Filho, Junior, Neto, Netto, or Sobrinho following a Portuguese surname as part of the surname.
Do not treat equivalent terms (such as Jr., Sr., fils, père) as part of the surname in other languages. These terms may, however, be used to break a conflict between identical headings.
Hyphenated Portuguese names for women authors
The author is a Portuguese woman. The chief source of information has a hyphenated compound surname: J.C. Gregorio-Hetem. The CIP heading on the t.p. verso uses the last element: Hetem, J. C. G. (Jane Cristina Gregorio)
The rules for compound surnames seem to be somewhat contradictory:
   22.5C3: enter under first element if hyphenated.
   22.5C4: enter under last element if language is Portuguese.
Does the hyphen on the t.p. indicate the author's preference, that the two name should be kept together as surnames, or should the rules for the language be given priority?
I would see the use of the hyphen on the actual t.p. as the author's preference and make it the heading. The directions in AACR2 are for the "general case" in names, rather than what's been going on now.
Correspondence between Manon Théroux, Catalog Librarian, Rare Book Team, Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, and Anthony Franks, Library of Congress.

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