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MARC tagging for sound recordings: Fixed field codes

Voyager (Leader and 008)

See also Physical description codes for musical sound recordings (007)

See also MARC tagging for scores and sound recordings: Variable fields and Sound recording cataloging: MARC tagging

01820cjm a2200433 a 4500 01820cjm a2200433 a 4500 01820cjm a2200433_ a 4500 01820cjm a2200433 a 4500
Type of record Bibliographic level Encoding level Cataloging form (i.e., rules)
j = musical sound recording
i = non-musical sound recording
a = component part, monographic
b = component part, serial
c = collection
d = subunit
m = monograph/item
s = serial
  = full level, material in hand
4 = core level
5 = partial (preliminary) level
7 = minimal level
8 = prepublication level (including CIP)
a = AACR2
i  = pre-AACR2, ISBD punctuation
   = pre-AACR2, pre-ISBD punctuation
u = unknown

008: Publication status | Date 1| Date 2 | Place of publication | Composition | Format of music | Audience
Form of item | Accompanying matter | Literary text for sound recording | Language | Cataloging source

Voyager 008 DEFINITION
Publication status Type of date/publication status
t = actual date, copyright date
m = multiple dates from/to
n = unknown
p = issue date/recording date1 when there is a difference
q = questionable (such as 1982 or 3)
r = reissue date/original date2
s = single date (such as 1982, [198-], etc.)
1Issue date/recording date: When there is a span of recording dates, the earliest date of recording goes in date 2.
2Reissue date/original date: A sound recording is considered a reissue when it is issued with a new manufacturer number, issued on a new label or in a new format, or when it is a collection with previously released material from numerous sources.
Date 1 (yyyy)
Date 2 (yyyy)
Date of publication
The content is determined by the Publication status above
See also Dates and date codes in the fixed field
Place of publication Place of publication (assign codes according to present geographic boundaries)
fr = France
gw = Germany
it = Italy
ru = Russia
sp = Spain
xxc = Canada (no province indicated; first two positions indicate province, e.g., onc = Ontario)
xxk = United Kingdom (no country indicated; first two positions indicate country, e.g., enk = England)
xxu = United States (no state indicated; first two positions indicate state, e.g., ctu = Connecticut)
See US MARC country list for a full list
Form of composition
See Codes for form of composition
Format of music Format
n = not applicable
Audience Target audience (intellectual level)
   = non-juvenile
j = juvenile
Form of item Form of item
   = none of the following
Accompanying matter
Accompanying material (use up to six, in alphabetical order)
   = no accompanying matter
a = discography
b = bibliography
c = thematic index
d = libretto or text
e = biography of composer or author
f = biography of performer or history of ensemble
g = technical and/or historical information on instruments
h = technical information on music
i = historical information
k = ethnological information
r = instructional materials
s = music
z = other accompanying matter
Literary text for sound recording 1
Literary text for sound recording 2
Literary text for sound recordings
for musical sound recordings:
   = item is a musical sound recording
for non-musical sound recordings:
a = autobiography
b = biography
c = conference proceedings
d = drama
e = essays
f = fiction
g = reporting
h = history
i = instruction (How to...)
j = language instruction
k = comedy
l = lectures, speeches
m = memoirs
o = folktales
p = poetry
r = rehearsals
s = sounds (sound effects, natural sounds, bird calls, etc.)
t = interviews
z = other
Language Language of sung or spoken text
eng = English
fre = French
ger = German
ita = Italian
rus = Russian
spa = Spanish
zxx = no linguistic content
und = undetermined language or arbitrary syllables, humming, or other human-produced sounds for which a language cannot be specified
Multilingual items:
For two to six languages use:
   ° the predominant language code
   ° the code that is first alphabetically if predominance cannot be determined.
For six or more languages use:
   ° the code for the language of the first title .
   ° code "mul" if there is no predominant language and the cataloging institution has chosen not to specify a language.
See US MARC language list for a full list
Modified record Whether bibliographic information was modified for entry into machine-readable form
   = not modified
see OCLC BFS for more codes
Cataloging source Cataloging source
  = Library of Congress
d = other sources (e.g., OCLC)
c = cooperative cataloging (e.g., PCC)
i = ISBD (descriptive portion of the record contains the punctuation provisions of International standard bibliographic description); use for RDA
Voyager leader CODES
Record status c = corrected or revised
d = deleted
n = new
p = increase in encoding level from prepublication
Type of record i = nonmusical sound recording
j = musical sound recording
Bibliographic level m = monograph (non-serial item)
s = serial
Type of control    = no specific type of control
a = archival control
Encoding level    = full level
see OCLC BFS for more codes
Cataloging form (rules) a = AACR2
i = ISBD, pre-AACR2 (use for RDA when using ISBD punctuation)
   = pre-ISBD, pre-AACR2

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