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Deutsches Lied
Index to arias and art songs in collections from the University of Washington
The lied and art song texts page
Seventeenth century choral music: vocal music to ca. 1825
     Provides "information on the sources (manuscripts and early printed editions) to all currently available modern editions"
• Swedish music for choir 2000-2011 || voice and piano until 1929 | 1930-1949 | 1950-1969 | 1970-1999 | 2000-2011

• Barlow, Harold and Sam Morgenstern. A dictionary of vocal themes. New York: Crown Publishers, 1950.
   Ref ML128 V872 B2
The Gramophone Shop encyclopedia of recorded music. 3rd ed. New York: Crown Publishers, 1948.
   HSR ML156 G747 G7 1948

Operas, musicals, revues, zarzuelas, etc.

The aria databases (aria titles are alphabetized under initial article!)
Index to arias and art songs in collections from the University of Washington
Libretti on the Internet (arranged by composer)
Opernführer = Opera guide : 1001 Links zu Libretti und Inhaltsangaben in verschiedenen Sprachen
Operone (includes brief composer biographies with lists of operas)

• Bloom, Ken. American song : the complete musical theater companion, 2nd ed., c1996; 4 vol., runs from 1877 1995.
   Ref ML128 M78 B6 1996
• Bloom, Ken. Hollywood song, c1995; 3 vol., for songs debuted in films.
   Ref ML128 M93 B6
• Ganzl, Kurt. The British musical theatre, 1986; 3 vol.
   Ref ML102 M977 G1
• Ganzl, Kurt. Encyclopedia of the musical theatre, 2nd ed., 2001; 3 vol.
   Ref ML102 M977 G12 (1st ed. only)
• Heske, Irene. Yiddish American popular songs, 1895 to 1950, 1992.
   ML128 J5 H5+
• Lax, Roger, and Frederick Smith. The great song thesaurus, 2nd ed., 1989.
   Ref ML128 S698 L4 1989
• Norton, Richard C. A chronology of American musical theater, 2002; 3 vol., runs from 1750-2001.
   Ref ML1711.8 N53 C5
• Shapiro, Nat, and Bruce Pollock. Popular music, 1920-1979, c1985; 3 vol.
   Ref ML120 U58 S5 1985

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