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Searching music plate and publisher's numbers in Voyager

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Under the "Non-Keyword" option, use the "Publisher Number (028a|b, 260d)" search.

number includes example search search example
   = 1 blank space
space UE 10769
01 0035 08
must include the space UE  10769
01  0035  08
period(s) U.E.7371 ° may include the periods or
° include them with a space following each period or
° omit the periods and replace with spaces
U.  E.  7371
U  E  7371
ampersand M&M no. 1947 must include the ampersand M&M no. 1947
period and ampersand B.&H.15960 ° may include all or
° omit the periods and replace with spaces
must include the ampersand
B  &H  15960
period, ampersand, space B. & H. 15966 ° may include all or
° include periods but not spaces following them or
° omit the periods but not the spaces following them
must include the ampersand
B.  &  H.  15966
B.&  H.15966
B  &  H  15966
hyphen(s) 01-039561-851 ° include the hyphen(s) or
° may omit the hyphen(s), replacing with space(s)
01  039561  851
hyphen and space PWM - 2384 ° may include hyphen and spaces or
° may include hyphen but not spaces or
° may omit the hyphen, but include at least 1 space
PWM  -  2384
PWM  2384
two hyphens 15--4 ° may include both hyphens or
° may omit both hyphens, but include at least 1 space or
° may include only one hyphen with or without spaces
15  4
15  -  4
diacritic DTÖ 137 must omit the diacritic DTO 137
slash MWV B XVII/2 ° may include the slash or
° may omit the slash and replace with a space
pound sign WM #79 must include the pound sign WM #79
parentheses 651 (S.) ° may include the parentheses or
° may omit the parentheses and replace with spaces
651 (S.)
651  S.
comma Misc 5, III ° may include the comma or
° may omit the comma, but not the space following it
Misc 5, III
Misc 5  III

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