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A   N  
B Bernaola, Carmelo A., 1929-2002 O  
C Colista, Lelio, 1629-1680 P Pettersson, Allan, 1911-1980
D D'Alessandro, Raffaele, 1911-1959
David, Johann Nepomuk, 1895-1977
Denhof, Robert
Domeniconi, Carlo
E   R  
F Fleta Polo, F. Francisco), 1931- S Stephenson, Allan
G   T  
H Holbrooke, Joseph, 1878-1958
Homer, Sidney, 1864-1953
Hyde, Miriam, 1913-2005
I   V  
J   W Warren, Frank E.
Weber, Reinhold, 1927-
K Kleynjans, Francis X  
L Levi, Vito
L'Hoyer, Antoine, 1768-1852
M Marteau, Henri, 1874-1934 Z  

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