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Many composer's works are assigned work (or thematic index) numbers in addition to or in place of opus or serial numbers. Follow AACR2 25.30C for adding work numbers.

This chart is a compilation of special instructions given in the name authority record for a composer indicating when to assign numbers other than opus numbers. For each composer, the numbering system and the source of the numbering system is given. When the work number is to be assigned in specific categories of music, this is noted in the column for comments. For complete citations for the sources of the work numbers, consult Thematic Indexes Used in the Library of Congress/NACO Authority File.

Note: These names are not necessarily in their RDA-established forms found in the authority file.

* indicates that diacritics are omitted

SOURCES: Updated and expanded from: Smiraglia. Cataloging Music, 2nd ed., p. 52-53.
Changes and additions to this list are made as they are announced in the Music Cataloging Bulletin.

Composer Abbrev. Comments Source
Abel, Karl Friedrich K. Use for variant access points only Knape
Adlgasser, Anton Cajetan A.
Use for variant access points only
Catanzaro and Rainer
Agrell, Johan S. Use for Agrell's symphonies Sheerin
Albinoni, Tomaso G. Use for works without opus no Giazotto
T. Use for works without opus no and not in Giazotto Talbot
Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg S. Use for Albrechtsberger's sacred vocal music (pending a decision from LC) Schröder
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel H.   Helm
W. Use for variant access points only Wotquenne
Bach, Johann Christian W. not used for op. 9 (Hummel), op. 15 (Welcker), op. 18 (Roullède de la Chevardière), op. 18 (Foster) Warburton
T. Use for variant access points only Terry
Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich W.   Wohlfarth
Bach, Johann Sebastian BWV   Schmieder
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann F.   Falck
BR Use for variant access points only Bach-Repertorium
Bacheler, Daniel L. Use for Bacheler's lute music Long
Beck, Franz Ignaz C Use for Beck's symphonies without opus numbers Callen
Beecke, Ignaz von M. Use for Beecke's symphonies Murray
Beethoven, Ludwig van WoO Use for Beethoven's works that do not have an opus number Kinsky
H. Use for Beethoven's works that do not have an opus or Kinsky number Hess
Benda, Franz L.   Lee
Benda, Georg no. Use for the numbering of Benda's keyboard sonatas his Sonate I-XVI. Prague : Artia, 1956.
Blauth, Brenno T.   Ferreira
Boccherini, Luigi G.   Gérard
Bornefeld, Helmut BoWV   Sarwas
Brahms, Johannes WoO Use for Brahms' works that do not have an opus number McCorkle
Bruckner, Anton WAB Use for variant access points only Grasberger
Brunetti, Gaetano J Use for Brunetti's overtures, symphonies, and symphonies concertantes Jenkins
Bull, John MB   Musica Britannica, v. 9, 14, 19
Busoni, Ferruccio K. Use for variant access points only Kindermann
Buxtehude, Dietrich BuxWV   Karstadt
Byrd, William MB   Musica Britannica, v. 27-28
Cabezón, Antonio de J.   Jacobs
Cambini, Giuseppe Maria T. Use for Cambini's quartets Trimpert
Camerloher, Joseph F. Use for Camerloher's symphonies Forsberg
Cannabich, Christian W. Use for Cannabich's symphonies that have neither opus numbers nor sequential numbers assigned by the composer Wolf
Chadwick, G. W. (George Whitefield) W. Use for variant access points only Faucett
Chambonnières, Jacques Champion de B.   Brunold
G. Use for variant access points only Gustafson
Charpentier, Marc Antoine H.   Hitchcock
Chopin, Frédéric B. Use for Chopin's works that do not have an opus number M. J. E. Brown
Cimarosa, Domenico C. Use for Cimarosa's keyboard sonatas Coen
Clementi, Muzio T. Use for Clementi's works that do not have an opus number Tyson
Colista, Lelio W-K.   Wessely-Kropik
Coperario, John RC   Charteris
M. Use for variant access points only Dodd
Couperin, Louis B.   Brunold
Croubelis, Simoni dall no. Use for Croubelis' symphonies The Symphony in Denmark
Danzi, Franz P. Use for Danzi's works without opus numbers Pechstaedt
Dering, Richard VdGS no. Use for Dering's consort works Dodd/Viola da Gamba Society
Deutschmann, Gerhard DWV   Deutschmann
Dittersdorf, Karl Ditters von K.   Krebs
Donizetti, Gaetano In.   Inzaghi
Dowland, John P.   Poulton
*Dvorák, Antonín B. Use for Dvorák's works that do not have an opus number Burghauser
Eckhardt-Gramatté, S. C. E.   Eckhardt
Erbach, Christian R. Use for Erbach's keyboard works Rayner
Eybler, Joseph, Edler von H.   Hermann
Fasch, Johann Friedrich FWV   Pfeiffer
K. Use for variant access points only Küntzel
Ferrabosco, Alfonso, 1543-1588 RC   Richard Charteris
Fiala, Joseph WV Do not use serial or opus numbers Claus Reinländer
Frederick II, King of Prussia S.   Spitta
Fux, Johann Joseph K.   Köchel
E. Use for works not included in Köchel Federhofer1959
E. Use for works not included in Köchel ederhofer1964
Gabrieli, Giovanni C. There is no space between the abbreviation and the index number (e.g. C151).
Index identifiers that include letters do include a space after the abbreviation (e.g. C D16).
K. Use for variant access points only Kenton
Galuppi, Baldassare I. Use for Galuppi's harpsichord sonatas Illy
Garcia, José Maurício Nunes M.   Mattos
Gassmann, Florian Leopold H. Use for Gassmann's instrumental music Hill
Gibbons, Orlando H. Use for Gibbons' keyboard works Hendrie in Musica Britannica, v. 20
H. Use for Gibbons' consort music Harper in Musica Britannica, v. 48
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau D. Use for variant access points only Doyle
Graun, Johann Gottlieb GraunWV replaces Mennick for all of J.G. Graun's works Graun-Werkverzeichnis
M. Use for Graun's symphonies; use in variant access points only Mennicke
W. Use in variant access points only Willer
Graun, Karl Heinrich GraunWV See Thematic indexes used in the Library of Congress/NACO authority file for more information Graun-Werkverzeichnis
Graupner, Christoph GWV Use for Graupner's instrumental works Bill/Grosspietsch
Griffes, Charles Tomlinson A. Use for Griffes' works that do not have an opus number Anderson
Handel, George Frideric HWV   Baselt
Hartmann, Johann Ernst no. Use for Hartmann's symphonies The Symphony in Denmark
Haydn, Joseph H.   Hoboken
Haydn, Michael MH Sherman
KL use a Roman numeral for the section heading, followed by a colon, followed by the Arabic numeral (e.g. KL IV:1); use for variant access points only Klafsky
P. Use for variant access points only Perger
Heinichen, Johann David S.   Seibel
Hoffmann, E. T. A. AV   Allroggen
Hoffmeister, Franz Anton H. Use for Hoffmeister's symphonies and symphonies concertantes without opus numbers. Hickman
no. Use "no." for Hoffmeister's solo flute concertos, including those with opus numbers Hoffmeister, F.A. Catalogue thématique de tous les oeuvres pour la flûte traversière, 1800 (a book that quite possibly only the Library of Congress owns!)
no. Use "no." for Hoffmeister's 3 double bass concertos Focht, J. Der Wiener Kontrabass, 1999, p. 110-12
Ivanschiz, Amandus P. Use for Ivanschiz's symphonies Pokorn
Ives, Charles K.   Kirkpatrick
S. proposed; use for variant access points only Sinclair
Johnson, Robert S. Use for Johnson's lute music Sunderman
Kozeluch, Leopold P.   Postolka
Kraus, Joseph Martin VB   von Boer
Krommer, Franz FVK Use for Krommer's wind music when no opus number can be found The wind ensemble catalog
Lalande, Michel Richard de S.   Sawkins, in New Grove, 2nd ed.
Laube, Antonín R. Use for Laube's symphonies Rutov
Leberl, Rudolf LWV Englberger
Liszt, Franz S. Use for variant access points only Searle
Maldere, Pierre van VR Use for Maldere's instrumental works not in sets (by op. no., date, etc.) Rompaey
Marcello, Benedetto S.   Selfridge-Field
*Martinu, Bohuslav H. Use only to resolve conflicts Halbreich
Mico, Richard VdGS Dodd/Viola da Gamba Society
Molter, Johann Melchior MWV Häfner
Monn, Matthias Georg F. Use for Monn's's instrumental music Fischer
Mozart, Leopold LMV   Leopold-Mozart-Werkverzeichnis
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus K.   Köchel, 6th ed.
*Myslivecek, Josef, 1737-1781 E. Use for Myslivecek's instrumental works Evans
Novotny, Ferenc S. Use for Novotny's symphonies Somorjay
Okeover, John VdGS no. Use for Okeover's consort works Dodd/Viola da Gamba Society
Oxinaga, Joaquín de L.   Oxinaga's Obras musicales
Pachelbel, Johann P.   Perreault
Paganini, Nicolò M.S.   Moretti and Sorrento
Pasquini, Bernardo H. Use for Pasquini's keyboard music Haynes
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista P.   Paymer
Pla, José D.   Dolcet
Pla, Juan D.   Dolcet
Pleyel, Ignaz B.   Benton
Pugnani, Gaetano Z.   Zschinsky-Troxler
Purcell, Henry Z.   Zimmerman
Quantz, Johann Joachim QV Use for Quantz's trio sonatas (QV2) and compositions for 1-3 flutes with bass (QV3) Augsbach
B. Use for Quantz's flute concertos Meike ten Brink
Richter, Franz Xaver R. A Use for Richter's sacred works Reutter
Rolla, Alessandro BI Use for Rolla's works without opus numbers Bianchi and Inzaghi
Roman, Johan Helmich B.   Bengtsson
Rosetti, Antonio M. Use for Rosetti's instrumental music Murray
Rust, Friedrich Wilhelm C.   Czach
Ryba, Jakub Jan N.   Nemecek
Sammartini, Giovanni Battista J.   Jenkins
Scarlatti, Domenico K.   Kirkpatrick
Scheidemann, Heinrich B. Use for Scheidemann's organ works Breig
Scheidt, Samuel SSWV   Koch
Schneider, Franz F.   Freeman
Schubert, Franz D.   Deutsch
Schutz, Heinrich SWV   Bittinger
Seixas, Carlos K. Use for Seixas's keyboard sonatas Sampayo-Ribeir
Soler, Antonio M. Use for Soler's keyboard music Marvin
*Sorkocevic, Luka S. Use for Sorkocevic's symphonies Sulek*
Sperger, Johann Matthias M.   Meier
Stamitz, Anton S. Use for A. Stamitz's symphonies Sandberger
Stamitz, Johann W. Use for J. Stamitz's symphonies and orchestral trios without opus numbers Wolf
*Stepan, Josef Antonin *S Use for Stepan's keyboard music Setkove
P. Use for Stepan's works except keyboard music Picton
Stradella, Alessandro G.   Gianturco
Strauss, Richard TrV Use for Strauss's works without opus numbers Trenner
Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon L. Use for Sweelinck's keyboard music Leonhardt
Tartini, Giuseppe D.   Dounias
B. Use for Tartini's violin sonatas, excluding op. 4-7, 9 Brainard in Rivista italiana di musicologia, iv, 1969
B. Use for Tartini's trio sonatas for 2 violins and continuo Brainard in Rivista italiana di musicologia, iv, 1969
Telemann, Georg Philipp TWV Use for Telemann's instrumental music Telemann-Werkverzeichnis
TVWV Use for Telemann's vocal works Telemann-Vokal-Werkverzeichnis
Tomkins, Thomas T. Use for Tomkins' keyboard music Tuttle
Torelli, Giuseppe P. use for Torelli's works that lack opus numbers; the Passodore catalog supersedes Giegling Passadore
Tye, Christopher W.   Weidner
Vanhal, Johann Baptist B. Use for Vanhal's symphonies Bryan
W. Use for Vanhal's works except symphonies Weinmann
Viotti, Giovanni Battista W. Use for Viotti's instrumental music White
Vivaldi, Antonio RV   Ryom
Vogler, Georg Joseph S. Use for Vogler's works without opus numbers Schafhaut
Wagenseil, Georg Christoph WV   Scholz-Michelitsch
Wagner, Richard WWV Use for Wagner's works without opus numbers Deathridge
Ward, John MB Use for Ward's instrumental music Musica Britannica, v. 25
Weber, Carl Maria von J. Use for Weber's works without opus numbers Jähns
Weiss, Silvius Leopold K.   Klima
Wesley, Samuel KO   Kassler and Olleson
Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich no. Use for Weyse's symphonies The symphony in Denmark
Zach, Jan K   Komma
GS Use for works not included in Komma Gottron and Senn
Zelenka, Johann Dismas ZWV   Reich
Zimmermann, Anton AZ Do not use for Zimmermann's sonatas, duos, and quartets with opus numbers Múdra

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