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nothing Yale guidelines & other tools
for cataloging electronic materials
Committee on Cataloging Electronic Resources Dec. 1998-
The Committee addresses questions about cataloging procedures and practices regarding collections of electronic resources, both networked and direct access at Yale.
Draft Guidelines for Cataloging CD-ROMs at Yale (March 1, 1999; rev. Dec. 7, 1999)
The current procedures and polices docuement for cataloging CD-ROMs at Yale.
Cataloging for remote access electronic journals May 2001 (HTML)
The current procedures and policies document for cataloging electronic journals at Yale.
Cataloging for remote access electronic journals Aug. 1997 (PDF)
The original of the above procedures and policies document for cataloging electronic journals at Yale.
Report of the Yale Task Force on Cataloging Remote Access Electronic Serials
Background document that provides information on some of the concepts behind Yale's approach to cataloging remote access electronic serials.
Criteria for cataloging selected remote access electronic resources April1998 (HTML)
For the purposes of selection at Yale University Library, remote electronic resources can be divided into three types, each type has a corresponding cataloging action.
Networked Information Resource Selection Form March 1998 (HTML)
Web form to be used to alert cataloging staff that a new remote electronic resource has been added to the collections.
Online catalog (Orbis) URL report (run monthly)
This report indicates which records in the online catalog with 856 fields have URLs that are "broken." The list is used as a guide to manually fixing the "broken" URls in Orbis. It also list the number of URLs in Orbis (Yale's online catalog) and the OK URLs, too.

National guidelines
for cataloging remote access electronic materials

CONSER Cataloging Manual Module 31
This is the most important document for cataloging e-journals.
Guidelines for Coding Electronic Resources in Leader/06
This document is intended to assist MARC users in deciding how to code records for electronic resources in Leader/06 (Type of record) and Computer Files 008/26 and 006/09 (Type of computer file).
Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines
Revised 1999 July 28. This revised set of guidelines is intended to assist catalogers in creating records for electronic resources in WorldCat, the OCLC Online Union Catalog.
Guidelines for 856 field
Revised, Aug. 1999. This document gives guidelines on the use of field 856 and is current as of July 1999. It includes all changes to the field through the annual ALA conference held in June 1999.
MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data, Field 856
This field contains the information needed to locate and access an electronic resource.
Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide (Second Edition. Nancy B. Olson, Editor)
The document for cataloging e-materials.
LC Draft Interim Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources (DCM B19)
The purpose of DCM B19 is to establish an interim set of guidelines to be used for cataloging electronic resources in the Library of Congress based on a common conceptual context and a common terminology.

Other resources
for cataloging remote access electronic materials

Cataloging and metadata resources :
A companion site for Organizing Audiovisual and Electronic Resources for Access:A Cataloguing Guide by Ingrid Hsieh-Yee. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 2000.
Cataloging Oasis (MIT) Electronic Resources Documentation
TPOT: Cataloging--Electronic resources cataloging
Interactive Electronic Serials Cataloging Aid (IESCA)
From Northwestern U., IESCA provides ready access to cataloging rules, interpretations, examples of MARC bibliographic records in serial and computer file formats linked to instructional annotations, and a glossary of cataloging and computer terminology.
Cataloging Procedures for Networked Electronic Resources
This document gives local usage and local decisions for cataloging items for the Cornell Library Gateway.

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