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The collection of electronic resources, both networked and direct access, has introduced a new set of questions about cataloging procedures and practices, and it has become clear that guidance is needed. Last year Matthew Beacom convened a group to develop cataloging guidelines for electronic journals. It is now time to expand those guidelines to encompass a wide range of electronic resources. Attached is a charge for the Committee.


The Committee on Cataloging Electronic Resources is charged to:

  1. Draft policy statements and procedure documents for cataloging direct and remote electronic resources;
  2. Support training by identifying needs, writing documentation, and sponsoring workshops;
  3. Monitor national developments and keep the library staff informed appropriately
  4. Assess the value and utility of the catalog records to our users and librarians
  5. Make semi-annual reports to the Chief Catalog Librarian and the Cataloging Coordinating Committee

The Committee reports to the Chief Catalog Librarian


Current Members

  • Paula Ball (Medical Library)
  • Matthew Beacom (Catalog Librarian for Networked Information Resources)
  • Laurel Bliss (Librarian for Commonwealth Studies (Acting), RSC)
  • Nancy Godleski (Librarian for American History, RSC)
  • Carol Jones (Document Delivery)
  • Tony Oddo (Arts and Science Cataloging Team)
  • Kim Parker ( Electronic Publishing and Collections Librarian)
  • Step Schmitt (Law Library)
  • Jim Shetler (Acquisitions Dept.)
  • Dajin Sun (Catalog Management Team)
  • Patricia Thurston (Slavic & East European Cataloging Team)
  • Jennifer Weintraub (Digital Collections Specialist)
  • Intern/volunteer (one year term)


Other library staff may be asked to serve as consultants to the Committee: staff from school or departmental libraries, staff with expertise in cataloging archival collections, images, numeric files, or staff with experience as curators or selectors.

  • Sue Lorimer (RSC)
  • Kalee Sprague (Database Administration)
  • Steven Arakawa (Arts and Sciences Cataloging Team)
  • Audrey Novak (Database Administration)
  • Cindy Crooker (Medical Library)
  • Robert Killheffer ( History and Social Science Cataloging Team)
  • Sandra Peterson (Government Documents)
  • Susan Williams (Art and Architecture)
  • Janis Glover (Medical Library)
  • Chris de Valle (Art and Architecture)
  • Cecile Mandour (History and Social Science Cataloging Team)
  • Nancy Lyon (MSSA)

Meeting schedule:

Monthly meetings planned. Several times a year these meetings should be open to all staff, advertised as discussion forums on particular issues, and used to disseminate and gather information.

Initial projects:

  1. Cataloging E-Journals
    Monitor and update policies and procedures on cataloging remote access e-journals
  2. OPAC displays and URLs
    Recommend OPAC displays in all formats for resources with remote access information
  3. Title analytics for online full-text databases
    Title analytics are available for a number of commercial full-text databases. The Committee should evaluate the contents on these records for ORBIS compatibility, evaluate the MARC record structure, recommend acquisition and coordinate with the Library Systems Office.
  4. Cataloging Policies for other electronic formats
    Develop cataloging policies and practices on all remote access e-materials (e.g. online databases, electronic books, web sites, digital images, etc.
  5. Cataloging electronic government documents
    Review cataloging policies and practices now in place for cataloging remote electronic government documents and recommend changes as needed.
  6. Supporting staff who catalog electronic resources
    Write training documentation to aid staff who catalog or process remote access electronic resources
  7. Cataloging CD-ROMs
    Recommend cataloging policies for all library units for direct access electronic media (e.g. CD-ROMs)
  8. Staff forum on Orbis and the Web
  9. Plan and conduct an open forum for staff on e-cataloging, Orbis, and the WWW
  10. Assessment report
    Work with public service staff and the Service Quality Improvement Council to develop criteria for assessing the value (to our users and staff) of catalog records for electronic resources.

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