Minutes from 6 May 2003



Present: Paula Ball (minutes), Matthew Beacom (chair), Nancy Godleski, Tony Oddo, Rick Sarcia, Step Schmitt.


1. Announcements.

Matthew reported that the problem with deleting and loading Serials Solutions has been ironed out. It was a local bug. This is very good news.


2. Loads update.

IEEE is going forward.

A group in CDC is working on prioritization. Nancy said a formal subgroup has been set up but there has been very little communication from them.


Action: Matthew to contact Tobin Nellhaus to ask for an update on the prioritization work.


There are no spreadsheets yet for load management (attributes of each load will be included in it. The existing draft needs a lot of work). This will be on the agenda for the next meeting.


In terms of workflow, there is now an ad hoc approach with IEEE and Serials Solutions loads. To make this work efficiently there should be staff assigned to manage each load. In PAD (formerly DBA) someone would be the contact person with regard to each load.  The contact person could be included in the load management spreadsheet. A load process task checklist could also be useful.


3. URL maintenance.

Matthew reported that this has not been looked at in a month. This will be reported on at the next meeting. Matthew, Tony, and Soraya will meet to discuss before the next meeting.


4. Policies & procedures documentation.

There are several areas in which this needs to be addressed: e-monographs, e-journals, e-reproductions, guidelines for cataloging websites, online databases, what to do when finding copy (fast cat vs. original). The time line to have these ready is between now and the end of summer.


Another topic

Nancy asked about the Evans Digital Edition (early American imprints between 1638 and 1800) including monographs, pamphlets, broadsides, and sermons. We bought access to the digital resource. There is cataloging available for both the fiche and the digital resource. We already have records in Voyager for the fiche, but they have a problem in that they point patrons to opaque cards rather than to fiche.


We discussed whether it would be better to accept MARC records which have both the fiche and the digital information on them. Matthew predictably recommended separating the digital records.


We also discussed whether there should be a different series on the digital records for the Early American imprint series such as Early American imprint digital series. We thought that both the records should trace both the early American imprint series and a new series name for the digital version.


5. Re-organization of the e-cat committee.

The rest of the meeting involved reactions to Matthew’s document “Charge for Digital Resources Metadata Committee.” Matthew queried each of the members of the e-cat committee for their reaction to the document. All were in favor of the focus changing from just Orbis to metadata for resources in the Yale Library digital collections.  There were questions as to who would be on the committee and who would create policy. The committee continues to desire  strong ties to the Catalog Coordinating Council and most importantly to have liaison ties to Public Service and to people such as Kim Parker.


The library needs to have one committee that looks just at metadata issues for digital resources in its collections. The question is, should it be our committee or should we create an entirely new committee, which would have liaisons with CDC, Codger, etc.  Step Schmitt suggested that we spell out our responsibility areas for this new committee. The new committee needs to be sanctioned by Joan Swanekamp and others in order to empower it. Then when the committee makes recommendations for specific projects, it should have some authority to see that the projects are carried out to completion. We want this to be a committee that makes things happen.

Action: Matthew Beacom will poll other members of our committee about the Charge for Digital Resources Metadata Committee (DRMC) and also talk to Joan Swanekamp.