notes on e-cat comm meeting of Oct. 24, 2000


=> URL checking on Orbis for Oct. shows over 14,000 Orbis records have over 16,000 URLs. Of those 325 were shown to be "broken."

ACTION: ongoing work by Matthew B. and Celio Picardo (Arts and Sciences Team) to fix or report broken URLs.

=> Call number substitute change from Electronic Text to Online Resource is being worked on by LSO (I think by the new staff member, Marsha). No changes now to our current practice.

ACTION: Beacom to ask LSO team for status update. Will let all know more as LSO moves closer to action.

=> E-resources mgt. and navigation project (YELMO)

Matthew and Kim spoke about the YELMO project and some of its tie-in to our group. The Web page for the YELMO project is

The group thought the YELMO project needed to make itself better known. Since the initial posting by Matt Wilcox, nothing has gone out to the library about the project.

ACTION: Matthew and Kim would pass that on to the YELMO group.


=> Chadwyck-Healey full text loads (and similar things)

Discussed the possibility for getting the records for the titles in the full-text databases on the jeeves server loaded into Orbis. Also discussed opportunities for loading records for titles in other full-text databases such Early English Books Online (EEBO).

ACTION: Formed a task group. Beacom and Nancy Godleski will work with LSO staff (possibly Step Schmitt, but not confirmed) to develop our current draft specs into the spec we'll use for the loads. Nancy and Matthew will ask Maggie Powell (Lewis Walpole) and Emily Horning (RSC) to join in the effort for both short and long term.

=> Cataloging YUL online subject guides

Discussed this idea again. Includes catalog YUL online subject guides in Orbis. Use CORC to generate Dublin Core metadata in HTML format. Load that metadata into the YUL online subject guides.


subject guides accessible via Orbis
subject guides themselves carry own metadata in HTML form
may improve access to subject guides via YUL Web search engine
tests idea that YUL created Web documents should/can carry own metadata
tests use of CORC

We have heard many expressions of interest in the idea from selectors and others. We have a rough draft model for the catalog records we'd make.

ACTION: Formed a task group to follow through on project. Dajin Sun, Jim Shetler, and Beacom (others? Tell me who you are.) will plan and lead implementation of this effort. Others may join as interested.

=> E-monographs draft polices.

Tony Oddo reported on progress.

ACTION: The group: Oddo, Ball, Shetler, and Beacom will meet in the next week or two to finish the draft policy and procedural doc. Will send out draft to group for comments before the next meeting (Nov. 21st)

=> Training staff for cataloging e-resources

Discussed current state of need for training. Recent training on serial cataloging by Shetler and Sun included cataloging e-serials. Past effort of acquisition sub-group on terminology could be revived.

ACTION: Formed a task group to focus on training. Carol Jones, Tony Oddo, and Jim Shetler are the members. Topics for training includes acquistions and catalog staff, C&T and professional staff.


=> Discussed policy on separate records approach for e-resources. This is a good time to re-assess our decision. We may or may not make any changes. Aspects that were discussed were e-monographs (draft policy is based on separate record aproach) vs e-serials (separate records), newspapers (no catalog access to e-newspapers now), gov. docs (single or combined record approach), impact of new LMS, availability of copy for e-resources (separate records, plenty of copy).

ACTION: at next meeting Sun and Beacom will present an overview of the current policy (mixes use of single record and separate record approaches) and current options in order to stimulate and guide discussion of this basic policy.

=> Discussed the possibility of starting a new project testing the use of links to jake <> from records in Orbis to manage access to multiple e-versions of the title described in the record.

ACTION: Shetler will initiate further discussion within the e-cat comm. and any potential partners. One potential area for testing might be newspapers. Linking to jake would require tuning jake for a Yale only view and adding data to jake for newspapers.


Nov. 21 10:30 to 12 noon SML room 411

Matthew Beacom