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For: All Yale University Library Catalogers
By: Chief Catalog Librarian
Date: creation date: March 23, 2001 : revision date:

I.    General Instruction

This document is intended for use by copy catalogers for copy cataloging using LC, CONSER, or member records.  This document records Yale policies and porcedures for cataloging e-serials including searching, verifying, and editing copy records in Orbis. It can also be used as a checklist or quick reference since it provides field by field instructions.

YUL uses the separate-record approach for electronic resources. YUL also follows CONSER interim policy for handling a digitized serial offered by several aggregators; thus a separate record must be created for each distributor or aggregator. In many cases, the cataloger will find that Yale has a print version of the serial title as well as having access to the electronic version. A record for the print version must be updated to refer to the online version. For more information on CONSER policies, see CONSER Cataloging Manual Module 31 Remote Access Computer File Serials.

For e-journals in aggregations or other groupings, copy catalogers should consult with original cataloging staff or supervisors to establish project-specific guidelines and set up workflow, quick-keys or macros, and any exceptions or additions to the standard policy.

II.    Search records in LTYL, LTLC, and OCLC

As for any new materials, search ORBIS for an existing record. If no full or usable record is found in ORBIS, search LTLC for a match. If no matching record is found in LTLC, search OCLC for a matching record. Search RLIN only when there is no record in LTLC or OCLC. OCLC is generally the best source of copy among the bibliographic utilities for remote access e-journals.
III.    Verify records in LTYL, LTLC, and OCLC
1. Records used for copy must have an encoding level (E/L) value of [blank] or 4. The DCF value should be "a".
2. To confirm a match between the e-journal to be cataloged and the record found in any database, verify that the qualifier in the130 field matches the provider of the title YUL purchased, or that the qualifier in the 130 is the single word Online and the URL in the record matches with the provider that YUL uses for that title.
Examples: 130:0 : |a American literature (Online : Project Muse)
                  130:0: |a Animal genetics (Online), with URL in 856 for provider we are using
3. If the qualifiers and the URL do not match, then apply procedures documented in Variant e-Editions; if no e-version record is available, then apply procedures documented in Variant print-Editions.
IV.    Transfer records from LTLC or OCLC into Orbis
1. Export record to desktop and CLARR into ORBIS or DERI the record from LTLC to Orbis.

III. Bibliographic record in ORBIS

Copy catalogers need to verify the following fields.  These fields are key fields for e-journals.  If you see major errors, discuss them with your supervisor.  The following examples are in ORBIS view.

   1.    Fixed field:
           REPRO in ORBIS view: s
           (Form of item in OCLC view: s)

MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Control Field 008

    2.    006 field for computer file:
           006 TYP m T/AUD   DF/TYP d GOVT

MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Control Field 006 for computer files

    3. 007 field for computer file:
           007 GMD c SMD r O/R   COLOR ? DIM n SOUND ? IBD ??? FF ? QAT ? A/S ?
                  LC ? RQ ?

           NOTE: common values for the 007 field for e-journals are:
           007 GMD c SMD r O/R COLOR c DIM n SOUND u IBD nnn FF m QAT u A/S u
                  LC u RQ u

MARC 21 Concise Bibliographic: Control Field 007 for computer files

    4.    050 field: (LC Classification Number)
           Classification or call numbers are not required for CONSER records, so you may not find a classification number in the record used for copy.  If no call number is available, do not create one. If you have doubts about the validity or form of the classification number, discuss with your supervisor.
           050/1:  4: |a PS3
           050/1:14: |a QL737.P9 |b A566
           050/1:14: |a G845

     5. 130 field (Uniform Title)
          Verify that the uniform title is properly qualified with the term Online or with Online and additional qualifiers based on the publisher or aggregator.
          130:0 :|a Anti-cancer drug design (Online)
          130:0 :|a Anthropology today (Online : Ingenta (Firm))          
          130:0 : |a Interventions (London, England : Online)

    6.    245 field: (Title)
           Title with GMD |h [computer file] The GMD follows the title proper and preceeds the sub-title. In MARC terms, the |h follows |a (or |n or |p) and preceeds |b (sub title) or |c (statement of responsibility) or any other sub fields.
           245:00: |a Africa today |h [computer file].
           245:00: |a Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy |h [computer file] : |b AAC.
           245:00: |a Physica. |n A, |p Statistical and theoretical physics |h [computer file].

    7.    260 field: (Imprint)
            260      [Oxford] : |b Blackwell Science,

    8.     300 field: (Physically Extent)
            There is no 300 field in records for remote access electronic resources.

    9.    362 & 500 filed: (Designation)

           362/1:0 : |a July 1995-

           362 field:  If electronic coverage does not begin with the first issue, add "Coverage as of  [current month, day, year]: [citation of earliest issue other than first which is available]. If first issue is online, simply give the coverage information.
            500 field: Always add a note on title source.
           362/1:0 : |a July 1995-   
           500/1: : |a Title from journal home page (viewed Sept. 7, 1999

           362/1:1 : |a Coverage as of Oct. 13, 1999: Vol. 71, no. 3 (Sept. 1999)-
           500/1:   : |a Description based on: Vol. 71, no. 3 (Sept. 1999); title from journal home page (viewed Oct. 13, 1999).

    10.    506 field: (Access Restrictions)
           This note is only used when access restrictions apply to the resource being described in the record.
           506:  : |a Access restricted by licensing agreement.
           506:  : |a Subscription and registration required for access.

  11.    516 field: (Nature and Scope)
           516:  : |a Text (electronic journal) available in HTML and PDF formats.
           516:  : |a Bit-mapped images (electronic journal)
           516:  : |a Text (Electronic journal)

  12.    530 field: (Other Formats)
           530: : |a Available also in a print edition.
           530: : |a Online version of the print publication.
           530: : |a Online version of: Animal feed science and technology.

  13.   538 field (Mode of access):
           538:  : |a Mode of access: World Wide Web.

  14.   538 field (System requirements):
           Add note when the resource requires software or hardware beyond Internet connectivity, Web browser, personal computer, etc.If the note in the record you are using as copy contains information on such systems requirements as Internet connectivity, Web browser, etc. do not delete or re-phrase the note.
           538:  : |a Adobe Acrobat reader.
           538:  : |a Direct parallel or LAN-attached PostScript printer.

  15.   590 field: (Local Note: Access Restrictions)
           This note is only used when access restrictions apply to the resource being described in the record.
           590:: |a Access is available to the Yale Community through use of a networked computer with a Yale IP address.

  16.   655 field: (Genre or Form Heading)
           For electronic journals use the genre term: Electronic journals.
           655: 7: |a Electronic journals. |2 lcsh

  17.   776 field: (Other Format Link)
           Link to print publication only.  Do not link electronic versions to each other.
           776/1:1 : |t American literature |x 0002-9831 |w (DLC)   30020216 |w(OCoLC)1480320
           776/1:1 : |t American journal of hypertension |x 0895-7061 |w (DLC)sn 87001703 |w (OCoLC)16748912

Note: format the |w for LCCN according to the CONSER Editing Guide. Follow "(DLC)" with 3 spaces; if "sn" is the prefix of the number, type sn and one space following "(DLC)".

  18.   856 field: (Electronic Locations)
           Give URL. YUL policy is to cite URL for direct link. Multiple 856 fields are allowed in one record. When using multiple 856 fields, use notes in |3 to clearly distinguish among the parts of the resource to which the links lead.
           856/1:40: |u http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/al/
           856/1:40: |3 Back issues: |u http://www.jstor.org/journals/00028762.html

  19.   9XX fields: (Locally Defined)

           927 & 928 (Mark record for tape loading)
          927: :tape
          928: : actape

           940 (Define Orbis location code for keyword searching)
           940: : yul,int

IV.    Copy holdings record in ORBIS

     1.    Final status should be 'h'
     2.    Use 2T for copy status and classification type codes (use 3 if ejournal is complete)
     2.    Location: yul,int
     3.    Call number substitute: Electronic; Text
     4.    Input your initials in the record notes field.
     5.    Example:

                   NOTES  SML/mlb      
            001 2T CN |a yul,int |b Electronic;Text                                      |d 10/02/00

V.    MARC holdings record in ORBIS

     1.    Verify the holdings at the title on website.
     2.    Input citation of earliest issue rather than first available by copying 362 text into first 866.
           866/1:41: |8 0 |z Coverage as of Sept. 8, 2000: Vol. 24, no. 1 (1999)-
           866/4:41: |8 0 |z URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/14641895

VI.      Updating the print-version record

     1.    530 field: (Other format available note)
           530: : |a Also available online.
           530: : |a Issued also in an online version: Emerging infectious disease (Online).

     2.    776 field: (Linking field for other format)
           Add a 776 field with the uniform title for the online version in |t and the ISSN for the online version in |x. If available, LCCN and OCLC numbers for the online version are included in the 776 field in |w
           776/1:1 : |t Neurobiology of learning and memory (Online)
           776/1:1 : |t American journal of hypertension (Online) |x 08957061
           776/1:1 : |t American economic review (Online) |x 0002-8282 |w (DLC)sn 97023013 |w (OCoLC)35705012

     3.     856 field:
           856:41: |3 Online version: |u http://www.idealibrary.com/cgi-bin/links/toc/nl

     4.    040 field:
          040: : |a MiU |c MiU |d CtY

VII.    Statistics:

    Use separate statistics form for e-journal cataloging.

    <Link to statistics form>

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