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About this website

Statement of Purpose

The website serves as a presentation platform for the Original Cataloging Team of Yale University's Cataloging and Metadata Services Department and was also created to support specific cataloging activities on the Original Cataloging Team. The website is meant to serve as a quick reference tool.

Target Audience

The website was primarily created for members of the Original Cataloging Team. The Original Cataloging Team is one out of five cataloging teams at Sterling Memorial Library's Cataloging Department at Yale. The team currently consists of six Catalog Librarians.

Content selection criteria

The content was selected based on the following criteria:

  • immediate relevance to the Original Cataloging Team
  • content need to serve, enhance, clarify or help mission and goals of the Original Cataloging team
  • uniqueness of the cataloging procedures and policies pertaining to the Original Cataloging team
  • no or little duplication to main "Cataloging at Yale" and "Tools and Resources" website, unless the importance of the resource justifies duplication
  • all internal policies and procedures that are relevant to specific cataloging activities of the Original Cataloging team

Resource description

Headings reflect:

  • unique information about the team, such as general information and specific workflow arrangements
  • main cataloging activities, such as shelflisting, copy-cataloging, original cataloging, using bibliographic utilities, and authority control
  • formats that are processed on the team, such as serials, multiparts, microform, and media
  • specific Yale internal policies on Art material
  • specific policies concerning series statements
  • external links for professional growth and training

Title attribute:

Each link listed is further described through a title attribute. When the mouse moves over the link the title will pop up in a seperate window and further explain where the link is going to. This method was chosen since it is an unobtrusive method to give further information. For the most part the link text in itself will be sufficient for the reader, especially for team member. However, the title attribute does add value in as such as it helps evaluate the link and reassures the choice. It will also be of much value for any other person visiting the website that is not familiar with cataloging activities.

Maintenance/ Evaluation Plan

Suggestions and feedback from team members or from members of the Cataloging and Metadata Services Department are explicitly desired. The usability and quality of the website will be discussed at team meetings. The website will be updated and maintained after each team meeting.


The website was created using Dreamweaver 8 software.


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