Auction catalogs checklist

1. Sort catalogs:

2. Search Orbis

Check to see if there already is an Orbis record for that house/year. For special problems with Sotheby's, see end of this document.

3. If a record is found, add to holdings. (Go to 5)

4. If no record is found, derive a record for the SAME auction house and change:

MAKE NO OTHER CHANGES to BIB RECORD. Be sure to derive record for the SAME auction house.

5. On copy holdings:

6. Create/update MARC holdings. <NOT DONE BY ACQ. STAFF>

7. Create item records:

8. Status tracking and security:

9. Statistics. Keep separate statistics for these until further notice.<DOES NOT APPLY TO ACQ.>

Sotheby's (Firm) is used for both New York and London (London will include auctions held elsewhere in Great Britain, e.g. Glasgow, Scotland). Separate records should be created for auctions held under Sotheby's (Firm) [New York] and Sotheby's (Firm) [London/Great Britain]. However, there are other Sotheby's auction houses in London that must be entered under their own names, e.g. Sotheby's Belgravia.

Note that Christie's East and Christie, Manson & Woods are both in New York; they must receive separate Orbis records.

There are some Sotheby houses that are for an entire country, e.g. Sotheby's Israel Limited. For these, any city within the country (e.g. Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) should be entered under the corporate name for the auction house's country. Trace a 740 for the cities, e.g. 740 01 |a Auction catalogs 1992 Tel-Aviv Sotheby's Israel Limited.

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