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LC classification the Arts & Sciences Team does catalog:

  • PA: classical philology
  • PB: Celtic languages
  • PC: Romance languages
  • PD: Germanic languages (Old Gmerna dialects, Scandinavian languages)
  • PE: English language
  • PF: West Germanic (Dutch, German)
  • PG: Slavic, Baltic, Albanian (only if the book is in a Western European language, e.g. a book of Tolstoy in English)
  • PH: Finno-Ugrian languages, including Basque (only if the book is in a Western European language, including Basque)
  • PJ: Middle Eastern languages & literature (only if the book is in a Western European or non-Semitic language, e.g. Egypttian)
  • PK Indo-Iranian languages & literature (except tiltes in Armenian, Caucasian, georgian and other languages used in the former Soviet Union)
  • PL East Asian, African, and Ocean languages & literature (except titles in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
  • PL101-PL199: all titles in Turkish
  • PM: Hyperborean (Arctic), Native American, and artificial languages & literature
  • PN: Literature (General; includes books about journalism)
  • PQ: Romance literature
  • PR: English literature
  • PS: American literature
  • PT: Germanic literature
  • PZ Juvenile literature and belles lettres (however, SML Cataloging does not use this LC class!)
  • Q: Science & Cybernetics
  • QA: Mathematics
  • QB: Astronomy
  • QC: Physics
  • QD: Chemistry
  • QE: Human anatomy
  • QP: Physiology
  • QR: Microbiology
  • R: Medicine
  • S: Agriculture
  • T: Technology
  • U: Military Science
  • V: Naval Science
  • Z: Bibliography and Library Science


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The content on this page is a newly formatted version of Steven Arakawa's earlier documentation.