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Distributing items workflow


1. Multiparts, Serials, Microform

  1. Multiparts new or adds: Janusz. (see items with no copy or call number for exceptions).
  2. Serials and microform: Dora. (see items with no copy or call number for exceptions).


2. Items with no copy or call number

  1. Belletristic romance: Daniel and Wheat.
  2. Science, classics, military (all langauges): Tony.
  3. Art, religion, recreation, sports games, dance, mountaineering, English languages & literature: Larry.
  4. All other romance languages: Rick.
  5. All Germanic and Nothern European languages & literature: Rowena.
  6. All other linguistics, literature, film studies, theatre studies distribute based on language (e.g. German goes to Rowena, Italien goes to Rick, etc.)
  7. Tony, Rick, Larry and Rowena decide whether a no copy title goes to Frontlog, CCL/Mountaineering backlog, to the Arts & Sciences nonprint status or is immediately cataloged.
  8. If items are designeate for the frontlog, they will be assigned frontlog numbers, flags, and be shelved by the sorting group.


3. Backlog catalgoing

  1. All team memebers should bring a shelf from the backlog area to their workstation every two weeks.
  2. Priority materials need to be cataloged first, then the material from the backlog.
  3. Copy-catalogers should distribute items that have no copy or call call # as stated above.


3. Babylonian collection

  1. All books from the Babylonian Collection: Britta and Chuck. (until the project is finished or stated otherwise).


4. Series, conferences and compound names

  1. All series, conferences and compound-names need to be established through an authority record.
  2. If there is no authority record established, distribute to the appropiate librarian (see # 2) to be established via NACO.



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The content on this page is a newly formatted and slightly revised version of Steven Arakawa's earlier documentation.