El Greco and  Le Corbusier

To: Humanities Team/Art Library
From: S. Arakawa
Date: 5-29-91
RE: El Greco, Le Corbusier, & other artists with articles, when the artist's name is used as the title of a book

An inconsistency has been observed in the tagging of these names; sometimes a filing indicator is used, sometimes not. [Example: 245 13 El Greco/245 10 El Greco]. As a result, retrieval of books has been inconsistent, with one particularly expensive duplicate occurring. This inconsistency is not restricted to our locally cataloged records but also occurs with Library of Congress records. Robert Killheffer (NCCP cataloger & LC liaison) sent an inquiry to LC on this problem, and LC replied this week.

LC will not try to be consistent with the name El Greco. For some LC records you will have to do title search Greco, for other LC records you will have to do title search El Greco.

LC will be consistent when articles are actually part of the surname, e.g. Le Corbusier. Ttiles tagged 245 13 Le Corbusier will be changed to 245 10 Le Corbusier. LC will update its files and the results will eventually begin to show up in the updated LTLC and RLIN databases (i.e. titles should be searched Le Corbusier). However, I have no time frame for when this will begin to take effect. To be safe, you will need to search both ways for the time being.

For the local LTYL database we will try to be consistent for both El Greco and Le Corbusier.

All titles beginning with El Greco have been updated to 245 13. The correct title search in LTYL should be Greco. All current records in the LTYL database have been updated. Catalogers and bibliographic searchers using the LTLC database must remember to search titles under both Greco and El Greco. (NB: the correct author search for El Greco in both LTYL and LTLC is Greco.)

All titles beginning with Le Corbusier will be updated by the Database Team to 245 10. The correct title search in LTYL will then be Le Corbusier.Until LTYL and LTLC have been updated there will be temporary inconsistency. (NB: the correct author search for Le Corbusier in both LTYL and LTLC is Le Corbusier.)

cc: Humanities Team
N. Lambert
M. Montee
R. Killheffer

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