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Catalog Dept

A. Judaica, Microform, Folio, & VIM. In one big case & 2 small cases by Tony Oddo's workstation.

B. NK1068-NX999 and P-PK4500 in case opposite Slavic Team.

Judaica BJ1286-BJ1286 Special topics in Jewish ethics
BM  (all) Judaism
BS1100-BS1899 Old Testament
DS101-151 Israel (Palestine(. The Jews
PJ4801-PJ5200 Hebrew language and literature
Note: dept. microform is
in a separate case; refer
to table below
Film B14183-To present Book format; postive
Film ND1-ND1109 (Complete)
Film N11357-To present Book format, negative
Film RG (all)
Film An (complete) Newspapers in microfilm, incl. Early American newspapers

Fiche/Film Case (small 6 tray case to the right of the above)
Fiche S795-To present Serial fiche, postive
Fiche B3602-To present Book fiche, positive
Film NS410 Serial format, negative
Film S3264 Serial format, positive
Negative fiche
Departmental film Book & Serial format; positive (e.g. Art Film B...; Art Film S...)
Art VIM Audiovisual materials: CD ROMs, realia, kits, 2 dimensional graphic materials, videos
Art, Birren VIM Same format scope for the Birren collection. Do not interfile with Art VIM
Engineering VIM
Microprint SML
Departmental fiche

Folio (small 6 tray case to the right of the above)
Folio A-Z Books. Some classes have only the more recent titles to present (e.g. N). Other classes are complete.
FolioSer A-Z FolioSer files after Folio; avoid creating a new book folio file after the folioser file for any given class

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